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Could my corset have caused DVT?

Background: mid 20s female, BMI 19, non smoker, taking low-dose birth control

A few months ago, I wore a corset under my clothing for posture a few times a week. I eventually stopped (I only did it a handful of times) because it wasn't really working and it was kind of uncomfortable. I read later on that corsets can cause deep vein thrombosis. I tried not to tie it too tight, and I never suffered any ill effects when wearing it except for a very mild backache.
Currently I feel fine and no longer wear it but I'm a little afraid that I could have a dangerous blood clot from that corset-wearing, and not know it. I don't want to spend a tons of money at the doctor getting a test I don't need, so what should I do? I do have some visible veins on my legs (and one vein that seems slightly elevated) but no symptoms of blood clots.

Is it necessary for me to see a doctor for a d dimer test?  

Also, what are the chances that if it is DVT, that I'll die suddenly and unexpectedly?
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