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Coumadin - weight gain?

Hi there,

I started to take Coumadin in June after having a DVT in my right calf. I exercise regularly, and eat very healthy. I feel that I have packed on several pounds this summer, and haven't changed my diet or exercise routine. Could this be linked to Coumadin? Will I return to my comfortable weight when I stop taking Coumadin later this month?

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How are you? Side effects of Warfarin or coumadin include severe headache, dizziness, fainting, unusual or persistent tiredness, bloody/black/tarry stools, chest pain, shortness of breath,difficulty swallowing and swelling or sudden weight gain. If you observe these symptoms, inform your doctor for proper management.Coumadin  can cause serious bleeding and this is the reason your INR should be monitored. Take care and do keep us posted.
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I had a pulmonary embolism and DVT in August and immediately gained 10 pounds in a matter of 2 weeks.  I am an avid runner and extremely health conscious.  I have read many blogs and forums stating that users of warfarin have experienced this same side affect.  Of course, my doctor and pharmacist are not aware of such a side affect and are not able to do anything to help.  I have been running 25 miles a week and maintaining a daily caloric intake of less than 1000 calories.  No weight loss in 2 weeks and gained 3 pounds!!  

Will I stop gaining weight due to warfarin and wondering if it will drop easily after discontinuing use.  Thinking that the weight is water retention.  Does anyone have any "post warfarin" insight?
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Hi Pedvt
I am facing the same problem. I gained 30 odd pounds in a matter of 3 months. The doctor says it is water retention. Hence I am hoping this is the case
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Ive been on coumadin reguarly never stopped for for 16months now
I cant lose weight either so i asked my heart dr
If it prevents weight loss or causes weight gain
And he sed no coumadin does not cause or
Prevent weight gain.
Ive been on it all this time bc i had pe
And dvt so im on it for life he says cause im
21 with a clotting problem i found out after i
Started birth control jolessa n smoked ended
Up in er for 2weeks almost died.
To answer your question
o coumadins side effects has nothing to do with weight.
Thyroid problem however does cause serious
Weight gain n prevent losing weight which i have to
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