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DVT Risk?

My father fell Monday and as a result of the fall injured his leg - no trauma to the foot. Three days after the fall he took an extra long hot shower then immediately drove about 45 minutes.  On the drive his leg felt very tight and (his words) felt like the skin could burst. The foot had been slightly swollen prior to the hot shower on Thursday but after the extra hot shower his foot swelled up A LOT. That evening purple bruise like spots appeared along the bottom of the foot which had not been there previously.

He is 55 years old and oddly enough he's about 70 days shy of when his father died of a PE caused after a leg trauma.

He currently takes a baby asprin a day and Niacin, vytorin, and Tricore for cholesterol.

At the moment he is on an 8 hour drive for work. After expressing my concern he is stopping every couple of hours and walking for 15-30 mins, but he is unable to stop every hour. I have pleaded with him to go to an ER when he reaches his destination but he is currently refusing.

Does this sound like a possible blood clot? Is immediate medical care recommended?

I have photos of the leg and foot, but do not see a way to post pictures.
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