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Hello everyone, I have a TKR(total knee replacement) coming in the near future and would like to know what type of regimen you were put on pre/post op?  I am still doing testing but would love to hear personal stories of what some of you have already experienced.  (tkr or hip, I think its along the same line)  Thanks, N.
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Hi, not sure if you have had your surgery yet.. I went through a tkr about a year and a half ago, by now I assume you have gone through extensive testing, lots of questioning etc..  In my case I went through all of this, my diet was under a microscope I was prescribed some meds beforehand etc, surgery went very well, I was concerned with the taking of anticoagulants no matter how much my Dr. assured me the percentage of risk..  Luckily he gave me options, I was given the choice of using a wonderful little device called activecare+sft.. It gave me peace of mind, I only had to take low dose aspirin and I was quite pleased.. You might want to ask your Dr. about it..   You can look into it here..   There are a list of Dr.'s who use it also..

Afterwards you will have physical therapy and in no time be free of pain and have your life back...

Make sure you know and educate yourself on all the available options you have,  Best wishes...
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How are you? While early prophylaxis in surgical patients with low-molecular-weight-heparin has been associated with significant reductions in postoperative venous thrombosis, it is important that ACCP Recommendations are also checked with regards to the risk stratification levels.  For patients following total knee replacement, administering pharmacological and mechanical methods are often indicated based on the recommendations. Your attending physician will go into detail of the surgery and management prior to the procedure.Take care and do keep us posted.
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