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DVT or am I being paranoid?

Good day DVT community,
Hope you're doing well!
Couple of days ago I failed a brief painful sensation on my right knee which I ignored. Yesterday morning I felt some pain too after waking up and I decided to look it up. I read that DVT symptoms can be very subtle so that got me worrying. I don't feel any pain when sitting or walking but when I apply pressure, e.g. when sitting cross-legged or when I press on it while sleeping in fetal position, I feel some discomfort. I've been examining the area with my fingers though which was probably a mistake. There's no swelling or discoloration I think but my calf feels a bit sore, which is not very unusual and I would probably ignore that on normal conditions. I am also a hypochondriac and I had the J&J vaccine about a month ago. Are my fears justified?

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