my friend has fallen while running on the stairs on her right leg ten years ago and now her leg swells often and the doctors told her to loose weight to solve the problem but she can't do any kind of exercise because of her leg .. and recently she had a problem with breathing too.. what do u suggest for her??
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Hi Dr. Santos
Thank u 4 answering.. my friend isn't doing well I'm afraid.. the swelling is worse than ever I advised her to get an ultra sound again but she refuses because she has difficulty in breathing and she made a lung scan and doctor said she has inflammation in her lungs and her heart size is bigger than normal person he said it's genetic but didn't identify the cause of the lungs inflammation..
She cannot  and refuse to do excercise and she cant even walk 10 meters with out feeling out of breath
She's not trying to follow any diet and not trying to eat less food either
I'm not sure if what's the problem in her leg.. when u press your finger hard on the swollen area it stays. u have any idea what could it be?!!
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How is your friend?  If the leg swelling persists and medications are not helping,  it is best that you have this checked for proper management. Ultrasound or doppler studes may also help. With regards to losing weight, exercise and small frequent feeding is also advised. Take care and regards.
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