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Dvt? PE?

22 year old female. I don't take birth control, smoke, etc. I am overweight but that's about it. I also do have a desk job but I do move around and change positions, stretch my legs....
Anyways for months my right leg has always hurt and has an ache to it. Doesn't swell or turn red or feel hot just aches. In Feb 2017 I went to the ER for that reason. They did a ddimer and ultrasound and X-ray. Came back clear. Said I prob had a pulled muscle in my leg.
It's not basically July and I still get that feeling. Scary.
I went to bed last night and woke up with my Right shoulder blade hurting, like I've slept wrong. It doesn't hurt to breathe in deep, cough or anything only hurts when I move around ....
But I see where a lot of people who had a PE said their symptom was feeling like the pulled a bavk muscle or slept wrong?
Am I overthinking this or anything? I'd love opinions.
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For instance when I move my shoulders or look down with my neck I can feel it pull and it hurts??
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