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Gadolinium Contrast Dye and Blood Clots

Has anyone experienced blood clots after being injected with the contrast dye Gadolinium?
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At this time, limited studies show association to blood clot formation with the use of gadolinium based contrast agents. It is important to identify presence of other risk factors for formation of clots which include  obesity, immobility, smoking, oral contraceptives, trauma, certain cancers, age, inherited clotting disorders  and chronic inflammatory diseases. Take care and regards.
Thank you. I have none of those other risk factors.
Nor do I have any of those risk factors but am now hospitalized for pulminary blood clots five weeks after injection by gadolinium
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I developed multiple pulmonary emboli after gadolinium contrast. No history of blood clots in my family.
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Yes.  The day after injection by gadolinium complained to the prescribing doctor of chest pains when breathing.  Now five weeks later another doctor ordered lung cat scan and found blood clots
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