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I think I have a blood clot?

So I'm a 22 year old transgender male. I am on 50 mg of testosterone weekly. I do smoke a pack a day, and I am also, even though I don't look it, 60 pounds overweight. This week I have started to notice that the back of my knee has swollen up and has turned red. It's is very sore to the touch, and it looks different today than it did yesterday. I don't recall hitting it on anything and I'm almost positive it's not a cyst. My endocrinologist told me to watch out for blood clots, but I don't want to waste a trip to the doctor of I can get a second opinion first. I have a picture of it. And also, my girlfriend noticed a big bruise like patch on my foot that doesn't hurt at all but it LOOKS like it hurts. I also have a picture of it. I just need some advice so I don't look dumb in the doctors office.
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Nobody can tell anything from looking at a picture, if it hurts go see a doctor, you don't want a small issue to escalate and big something big.
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Yes I would advise to go to Dr..u can definitely tell if u got a clot or not.ive been dealing with them for 23 years now .even with me on eliquis or when I was on warfarin I still end up with clots every year which my case is so bad it ended up causing venous stasis ulcer .which is the most agonizing pain I've ever had to deal with ,which I'm dealing with now .so please don't waste no time in getting checked out .btw ,no one is gonna think ur dumb and if they do ,then it's them ,that are the dumb ones
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