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I'm scared 2fly 2Jamaica B4 my Mays-Thurner is fixed. How can I B sure I wont clot?

I was tested with the leg ultrasound and I have a lot of issues with both legs. (A side from them looking like they are rotting away) It suggested Mays Thurner syndrome. So I was given the order for the CTA to be sure before I can get a stent put in but my insurance took their time as usual and now I barley have enough time to get the scan done before I leave for my trip. Issue is my right leg is much worse than my left. Paper work says so and so did the doctor. Everything I read about Mays Thurner is that the left is primarily the issue so maybe I have something else. I dont want to be in Jamaica and get a blood clot. (Does aching on the right side of my chest have any relation) Hopw can I be sure I wont clot?
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May-Thurner syndrome (MTS) is a condition where the left common iliac vein is compressed by the overlying right common iliac artery. This leads to stasis of blood, which predisposes to the formation of blood clots. Uncommon variations of MTS have been described, such as the right common iliac vein getting compressed by the right common iliac artery.

As your situation is atypical/complex, I think you should see your doctor for further workup and/or management.
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