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Leg hurts from circulation being cut off during the night, should I be worried?

Hey there... I some how cut the circulation off to my right leg during sleep last night. I don't remember how, I only know I woke up around 4 this morning and my leg was cold and completely numb. I put it straight and when the blood started going back in my leg felt very heavy and once the blood started going back through it was very very painful. I am not exactly sure how long my leg was cut off like that because I was asleep. I do know it definitely wasn't like when your leg normally falls asleep. I pinched my leg hard and couldn't feel it at all. It wasn't normal pins and needles either. Its really hard to explain exactly how it felt, it just was really painful and it was like my leg weighed down the 100 pounds when the blood started to go back in.
The better part of today my leg has been hurting and tingling. Should I be worried?
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