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Lump in leg when bending

Today I was bending down and ran my hand over the front of my leg and felt a bump. It's not hard as a rock and when I stand up its not there. When my leg is straight I can't feel it. Skin isn't warm. It's not red. It's night next to my shin bone. I think it has been there a while. Anyone have an idea??
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Hi I have the same thing but only have noticed it after having my c s section a month ago Its in my upper right thigh it burns sometimes and tingles and when I squeeze my leg I see it in my thigh it's like a little lump but feels really hard like musicle but the other one isn't like that,it's hurts sometimes that's why I went to the er and they did and Doppler ultrasound of my whole leg and it came back negative for blood clots so idk what that is I really want a ct scan of it though just for peace of mind,does urs burn or tingle?
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It doesn't burn or tingle. I can only feel it when I squat down and put all my weight on it. When I stand I can't feel a thing. My calf this morning started to cramp up but never happened before. I have a dr appointment at 12. So in an hour.
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Went to the dr. Apparently it is a tendon.
I have a hard bumb on back of knee, right on the tendon which is locur tendon....ughated on the inner side of the knee, my Dt said he cant feel it, i can feel very solis hard bump that 2inche long verticall....so he didnt care, i guess its not worrisome, just smiled n said thats yo
So thx for sharing
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