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Swollen right arm, flank, armpit (have had DVT there)

Hey,  Last March I was hospitalized for my pancreas, liver, kidney inflammation.  I'm a terrible stick (as in my veins HIDE!!).  They put a PICC line in and within an hour, I got a DVT above that site.  Since then, I've had swelling & pain in that area.  Sometimes really bad (as in NOW) and sometime ok.  I've been to my GP several times as well as to the ER twice (for ultrasound).  Tonight, my shirt got pulled too tight on the right side (ask my dog :) and now that whole area, especially the armpit, is really swollen & painful.

So, do I waste another bucket of energy, money ($200!) and time and go AGAIN to the ER?  Or wait until Mon and maybe see my GP if it's still swollen (she'll just say go to ER I bet).  Advice is so very needed!!  Could this rather large swollen area be from a cold?  It starts on my upper right arm (just above the PICC line scar) to my armpit (which is the most painful) and down my right flank.  

ER vs possible DVT...  Ugh.  If I hadn't been hospitalized & to the ER soooo many times since I got pancreatitis in 2005 from an ERCP, I'd go now.  But it's embarrassing!  They know my name there, just like at Cheers (the old TV show).  So uncertain.  HELP!  Ta, Nibs
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