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Wrong ICD code ??


In July I was diagnosed with " acute occlusive thrombus in the right gastrocnemius vein " after a ultrasound of my right leg. The doctors in the ER told me that this is not a DVT, but a superficial blood clot. The order that I provided to my hematologist clearly states that " NO evidence of any acute DVT.

My hematologist in his letter to my employer, described my condition as a " gastrocnemius DVT (I82.401)." I haven't talked to him yet as he is not in his office currently but this has me worried. Did he make a mistake and use the wrong ICD code or could this code also apply to the condition that I was diagnosed with.

Thank you.
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You are correct in that the gastrocnemius is a superficial not deep vein. Examples of deep veins are common femoral, femoral, and popliteal. Billing mistakes can occur. When your doctor returns, you can call to clarify.
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