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antiphospholipid syndrome?

I had on Anticardiolipin  tests the following results:

55.1   5.0   1.1

Beta 2 Glycoprotein   44  3  5  

Can you tell me do these numbers suggest antiphospholipid syndrome.  The doctor's office did not call me with the results, I got them from medical records - but he may have thought he didn't have to because I was going to stay on warfarin anyway.  But kind of curious is he told me I had a 30% chance of recurrence in 5 years if I didn't stay on warfarin, and when I got a copy of the medical record - it said I had a 30% chance of recurrence the next 3 months if I didn't say on warfarin.  Not sure my insurance will cover the hematologist again if Coumadin Clinic is out so....he didn't expect to see me for 3 years anyway.

I had a pulmonary embolism about a year and 4 months ago, and on warfarin since.  My insurance is no longer paying for the coumadin clinic and so looking to maybe take that leap off blood thinners.  

Joel Fuhrman MD in his nutritional excellence teachings - Books Eat to Live, etc, says that blood clots are a result of poor diet and if you leave the blood thinners behind and eat primarily a vegetarian, high nutrient diet that your system will become so healthy that you won't have to worry about blood clots.

Do these numbers suggest it might be okay for me to make that leap?

Are those new drugs appropriate for patients with pulmonary embolism

Thank you in advance
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