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increasing debilitating pain

My mother went into hospital with pneumonia and stayed for seven days before going to rehab. Was there one day before going back to hospital with severe swollen legs. Tests showed many blodclots in both legs and groin. Had greenfield inserted. Was released several days later to rehab. Returned to hospital several days later due to legs increasing in swelling and what was believed to be an infection on her inner thighs-bluish purple coloring and increased pain. Sent back to rehab after confirming no infection. Returned to hospital several days later .  Since the diagnosis of DVT and surgery, her pain has increased to the point where she cant do therapy, cant hardly lay, cant eat, cant sit, needs full assistance. CT shows no cause. Now they want to send her to full care assisted living, but no reason for pain has been found. We pulled her off Lipitor -hospital didnt carry her reg. med, so unknown to us, she has been on this since she first came here 5 weeks ago. Please, does anyone have any insites, suggestions, ways to proceed? Up until this event, 5 weeks ago, Mom was very active, driving gardening, shopping, traveling, etc. The roxicodyne prescribed only made it so she was asleep, but still in pain. She was clenching her fists and scrunching face in pain while sleeping. Pains worse yet when sitting in chair or on commode. Pains start in left buttock and go down leg leg (this is wosrse leg for clots), and goes over into right leg. Pain constant with shooting spasms. Also extreme bloating in abdominal region. Help, please. She is 74, non smoker, no known heart problems, takes flovent everyday, blood pressure med. 5 ft 2 inches tall, 170 lbs, before hospital stay. Guidance? Suggestions?
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