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Can anyone tell me about Knee injury symptoms please?

Hi, I have posted in several other forums, including recently the Pain management forum, but for this question I am postting here. I am a 55 year old female with a long standing back injury, Sept. 1999. I just recently saw a Neurosurgeon for constant back pain and with a current MRI. Unfortuanlaty he said he could not help me. My back has deterortated so badly, that I now have five levels of bad disks, herniated and or bulging. I also have SI disease and Facet Disease. The cartilage is eroded, bone on bone. He said he could not fuse anything as there are too many levels and it is moving steadily up my back. He said I need a whole new back, and that is not medically possible.
               Because of this long pain issue, I have adjusted the way I walk due to pain. I also was hit by a truck in 2001 and had a broken foot for seven months, with very slow healing. I also have had 3 foot operations on the same foot in less than a year and a half, and because of foot pain and increasing hip pain on the opposite side, I have somehow in the course of this last year injured my knee.
               My knee has been swollen all this time and pain is constant . Not only does the left knee hurt but now the right knee has sharp stabbing pains but is not swollen. The neurosurgeon while examining my back, looked at my knee. He said it looked to him like a Torn Menisces? He reccoemended I see a Orthopedist so I have a appt comming up . I am wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them, from having a bad back, hip etc. The Dr. thought I had this happen because I was compensating for back pain and the way I walked caused the knee injury.
         I don't remember exactly when it happened as I have been in pain for so long with my back and I also take Methadone for my back pain. I do know that it has been swollen for a long time, it is very obvious when looking at it and it is tender when touched. Also the other knee is beginning to get sharp stabbing pains towards the middle front of the knee. The one that is injured is the inside front of the knee.
           Can anyone tell me about this type of injury and have you had this type of injury? What were your symptoms and what did the DR. do? I was told I needed a MRi. Does the MRi confirm this type of injury or other injuries to the knee.?  I really appreciate any and all answers as I am a little afraid of what may happen to my knee after all the other problems I am having. I already have a hernated disk and DDD, SI disese, Facet Joint Disease, and Bad hips and a Bad foot that has lost it function to bend at the joint. ( oppisite side of the body.) If anyone can tell me what to expect or what type of injury it sounds like I would appreciate it very much. I knew I could get more help possbily here.
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HI I had a Torn Meniscus and had surgery to repair it.Mine was not from compensating bcuz of another pain or injury.

I had a drop attack and fell to my right, I sprained my left ankle and tore the meniscus in my right knee...I tried PT, but it did not help bcuz I had isues with my right ankle as well.

The pain seemed to get worse every day..and when driving if the tip of my keys brushed against my knee  drove me crazy.

I too have DDD, and spinal stenosis.I was recently dx with EDS which is a hypermobility of the joints and it does involve pain as well.

I did have an MRI to detect my knee had a torn meniscus.....

I pray u find ur answers
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Hi SelmaS, thank you for the response. I didn't think anyone would, so I appreicate it. I went to the dr. yesterday and he said he has to follow protocol, because a X-ray cost about $200.00 and the cost of a MRI is about $2,000, so the X-ray needs to be done first as it also can detect changes in the bones, such as (OsteoArthritis, and if there are tumors, and other changes I can't remember.

He felt my knee and said he didn't feel any major problems with the tendons or something along that line, but the swelling has been there for months, at least since Sept, and mayby longer. He also wants to do a blood test to check for Rheumatoid ARthritis and some other things.
           My knee dosesnt hurt the way yours does, but the fact I take Methadone every day along with two other pain and inflamatory meds may help. My pain is on the inside part of the knee and in the front middle of the knee. The Neurosurgeon who checked my back and then my knee said he thought it was a Menisucs injury but that a MRI is what I needed. My other knee has begun to hurt, the same spot but more towards the front of the knee with quick stabbing pains. It is not a constant pain, but it is reall sensitive to the touch but not like your knee. I am sorry you fell and hurt yourself like that. It is funny that we both have problems with our RIGHT SIDE OF OUR FEET .
             I broke my right foot in 2001,( hit by a truck ) and have had 3 surgeries on it since then. We both have DDD also! Can you tell me a little bit about what your surgery was like to repair your knee? WAs it done in a surgery outpatient center or in the hospital? How long did the surgery take? WAs the sugery painful, and did you have a brace or something on your knee afterwards? Did you have a block or generarl anestthsia? Also did the dr. do some sort of Arthoscope in your knee to see what it looked like before the surgery and what was that like?

          I look forward to hearing back from you and I appreicate your help in explaining to me about your knee. I am still waiting for the hospital to call me so I can start by getting my X-ray. Thank you in advance, and tell me more about the EDS, I have never heard of that before.                               flufflypurrcat
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Hi....I had general anesthesia and it was an outpatient hosptial.It was orthoscopicically done...3 very small incesions.No  Brace, but I was given cruches (With EDS is a nono)

After 2 weeks I had the bandages removed and started PT.....bcuz of the EDS, ittook longer for it to heal...as a matter of fact, the left ankle I sprained at the same time is still sore to touch and swollen.

I knew very little about EDS when I was dx, but have been looking into it.I know it is mis-dx as fibromyalgia....it is loose hyberflexible or mobile joints and skin......

There are sites on line that show diagrams of how to test for this condition.

I was asked if I could touch the underside of my forearm with my thumb ( on the same arm) and I said no......until the nurse guided it and I was freaked out...it looked so weird...joints can pop in and out of the socket and cause alot of pain...when asked it this happened again I said no...now weeks later, I remember how my shoulder hurts in the AM and while lying in bed feeling a crunch which could be the shoulder popping in and out on it's own....I was not aware!!

I did post info in the Health Pages in the chiari forums Hp's.....

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