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Degenerative Bone Disease

Exactly what is Degenerative Bone Disease? I have been diagnosed with this.
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I've been dionnosed with degenerative bone disease.. 30 years old. have other authrits in hands and knees for about 5 years. What's it going to be like when Im 50 or 60? Should I retire earlier to try and avoid being a cripple? Could I even go for disability for this? I would honisty hate to be unemployed, but..Im feeling 60ish already. So what's next??
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Dear sarah,
I'm 50 years old now and are having all kinds of problems. I hope that when you get to 50 it's not bad for you. I hope that being 50 will be great and you don't have Disgenrative Bone Disease that bad.
50 for me is I have a henated disk in my back and neck. I also have arthris that I start having back when I was 18 years old.
I have degenerative Bone disease.
I'm unable to work and can hardly walk now becasue of the problems I have. I'm going to able soon for my S.S disablity.
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I was diagnosed with Anderson/Leggs/Perthes Disease at the ago of 7 or 8 yrs. Today it's called avascular necrosis. For some reason blood flow, etc is hindered from feeding the bones, usually in the hip joints, but can affect the knees too.

It cycles as your body attempts to heal itself as it would if you had a broken bone. The cartilage dies, rubs away with every step, jump, run, etc, then the body starts to heal itself, and this is where the damage begins. Because as the bone goes through that cycle, it's a jelly like substance, then hardens into bone again. But if you continue to run, walk, run, work etc the bone breaks down and this is where the pain is the worst. Over time, the joint gets disfigured, often developes bone spurs, and now there's pain from the disfigured joint, not to mention the calcification of cartilage.

At the age of 29 a bone spur crumbled in the right hip joint, caused some bleeding and I could barely walk for 2 weeks. I used anti-inflammatories back then. But be careful with these too, some do cause heart trouble, in my case I had arrythmias, or a heart that flutters and/or skips a beat or two. I went on disability in 94 because of the disease. You also have to have a certain amount of work credits to be eligible for disability too. You will need to go to the closest SSA office to see if you met the critieria.

That was when I was diagnosed with the degenerative joint disease because years of neglect and abuse through physical activities not right for DJD had done ireparable damage. The bone surgeon said I had a hip of an 80 y/o woman (at the age of 29). He told me to lose 100#, no running, jumping, aerobics, etc......oh, but I could swim. (swimming was always painful too, and it was worse when I went to bed at night after a swim.) He also said I was facing a very painful life, I guess I really didn't quite believe him then. I took Volteran for several years, then went to Tyl #3's. As the disease progresses, stronger pain meds are necessary.

In 2000, while having tests done for gall bladder problems, the xrays showed some abnormalities in my bones which they thought was cancer. I had to have a full body scan, and I was diagnosed with degenerative joint disease, chondroblastomas(big cell tumors), and sacroiilitis. They are all types of arthritis, and they all come with their special form of excruiating pain. Oh yeah, and my pcp didn't bother to tell me about the L5 or the big cell tumors, I read about them in my records when I had my records sent to a new doctor in another state. I lived with this for 10 years, complained about the pain constantly, the darvocet/propoxyphene didn't cut the pain. The only good thing...after 10 years and no cancer, I don't think the tumors will turn cancerous by now.

I tried to go back to work at 44, but in one month on the job the extra activities caused me to develope the avascular necrosis and had to have my right hip replaced.

Anyone should seek an orthopedic surgeon for this stuff. I don't trust regular pcp's, and interns. They do not deal with this stuff on a regular basis. (no offense, just been there and done that and suffered greatly because of it). And most of them do not have the guts to put you on a good pain management program. Some of afraid of addictions.

In all fairness of course, we all should know that our bodies develope resistance to pain meds. So if a doctor puts you on the big guns now, 10 years or longer there won't be a drug available to manage your pain levels and still manage like a human being.

I also suffered needlessly from pain because of being prescribed the wrong kind of pain medication. And that is Darvocet, Lortab, Hydrocodone, etc. These pain meds DO NOT WORK managing chronic pain like arthritis.

My new doctor, although somewhat of rat, I asked for pain management clinic. He said he would do that, but had experience managing arthritic pain and asked to try his regiment first. I take 10 mg methadone, 2x per day(time released), 400mg Ibuprofen, Tyl#4 when I have overdone myself, and I will take some TylPM's for bedtime. Be careful not to overdo the Tylenol or acetominophen, it'll pickle your liver. My doctor tests my blood every now and then to make sure my kidneys and liver are okay.

Diseases like DJD, DDD, Sacroiilitis(L-5), etc is chronic pain that makes your body release things to heal the inflammation. However, chronic pain doesn't go away, and the body begins to attack the healthier cells, including your organs. DJD, DDD, L5 will not kill you, but the secondary complications will.

It's important to slow down the progression of the disease. Do lose weight, take your meds responsibly, get a new doctor if the current one is not working with you to manage your pain levels. Physical exertion=Inflammation=chronic pain=degeneration=organ damage=death. In my employment in the early 90's I took a desk job that helped slow down the damage, but eventually even this will become painful and cause damage also. I can no longer wear jeans, nylons, or anything tight or limiting, high heels...they're all bad and/or too painful to wear.

I'm 50 now, totally disabled, sometimes I can barely walk to the kitchen. Soon I'm afraid I won't be able to take care of myself. I had to let my house go because I couldn't keep up with repairs, etc.

I have not had any luck with taking calcium vitamins or B complex. Hot baths, or whirlpool, and heat pad(used in moderation) helps with the more painful days. Oh yeah, and there's the weather. I can tell we're going to get some weather (snow/rain) when it's in the mountains 3 days away. Achy, I get real achy. No matter where you live, weather will be your nemesis.

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THANK YOU FOR POSTING, sounds like the letter I writting to SS for my disability.  Finally settliing a car accident of 7 years this year.  C3-4 5-6 bone spurs and wanting to fuse. T7 is dead needs cement!  L5-6 6-7 nerve root and disc problems.  I receive 4 injections in the foreminal this Aug and Sept..  

I have read alot of the posts and yours is spot on.  Spondylosis and disc degeneration is what the opposing attorneys are trying to get by with, my hard work and play catching up to me.  

Pull for me won't ya, to get all this taken care of ASAP.  And get the benefits I deserve from my 20 years of working and not in the past 10 years!  Drawing SSI, was told by insurance agent, after 2 years, I automatically am eligible for Medicare....hope so.  checking on that with SS today,

I feel like I am related to you!  take care.
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Thank you for the info on the hip problems as well as the osteoarthritis.  I have a leg lenght dispcrepancy after a motor vehicle accident whil working.  I had ligament transplants done in my left leg 12 years ago and my leg became an in and a half shorter than the right.  I also wrecked L4 and L5 in accident.  They treated back thru physical therapy for 9 months prior to surgery on leg.  I became able to walk, run, ride bicyce, etc after expensive physical therapy.  Then six/seven years later I started experiencing pain in my right buttox.  They treated me with pain meds and left it to sciatica.  At 5 years, the pain became excruciating and I still pled for help.  Explaining that perhaps my leg was shorter and that was what caused this pain.  I saw several different doctors with my proposition and was unable to get anything other than, oh go to PT or here are some meds. Then the cortisone shots.  My doctor now decided I should go to pain management clinic. They suggested a block to determine pain level and whether they should burn the nerves in the area that hurt.  Apparently the SI sacrolilliac joint.  I relayed this to my current Physical therapist for my neck and he suggested PT for the right leg to see if the pain would diminish.  This week I took thsi info to present physician and she agreed.  She is a great listener.  Finally I thought.  Then, as she was preparing the order, she flipped to some xray results from pain management. She almost gasped.  According to the radiologist I have severe degenerative bone disease in my hip and pelvis which is due to, yes you guessed it.  Leg length discrepancy.  So she told me to get to the Orthopaedic surgeon.  It is determined that the accident 12 years ago has caused all of this pain and degeneration.  I now need to contact the workers compensation insurance and get them to start paying for all of this work to be done in conjunction with my problem.  So wish me luck here and I will keep you all posted,
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