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Found out I have Digenerative Disk Disease what to take for pain

I was recently diagnosed with having "Degenerative Disk Disease".  I also have one bulging disk.
The pain has gotten more severe since I slipped on ice and fell on my tailbone.  My Doctor does not believe
in giving pain medications.  He usually will give me my Soma for Fibro?  But, he always has to see me before
he gives me refills.  This is concerning the Degenerative Disk Disease he found.  I don't know how to talk to him
concerning my severe pain.  Does anyone know "how to talk to your doctor about pain, without them thinking you
are some kind of addict?  Because, I think I need a Pain Med Doctor?  I just don't know how to talk to my Doctor
about the severity of my pain.  He is an internist, and usually sends me to specialists.  This time?  He has not.
any help would be appreciated.
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Ask to be sent to a pain management specialist....the fibro forum here on medhelp may have more info....since u have the fibro dx u may want to join the forum there also.

If that does not help ask to be referred to a spine specialist.....there is PT for DDD and bulging disks. PT may help.

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I'm so sorry to hear that you have ddd; and fms; I also have ddd; fms; and other issues. Like "selma", I think you need to be referred to a Pain Management Doctor, or at least a Spine doctor who might be willing to send you to pain management. My pcp sent me to the spine center and they sent me to the pain doc. Good luck, I know you need help and I hope you get the medical care you need.
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I suffered with pain from DDD along with many pains from other issues. The Dr.s always prescribed meds. but I was alway allergic to them or they wouldn't work. So I started taking mega doses off ''tylenol and ended up with liver disease. Anyway two years ago I ended up in the hospital in a near coma, because of the liver. While there I saw every type of Dr. you could imagine. It was the nerologist who finally put me on a med. that helped the pain. So I would suggest a nerologist,your nervers get pinched between disks and cause chronic pain. I now take gabapentine and it has really helped. Even my arthritis has been better.  Take care and good wishes.
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You certainly need a PM specialist.  Entering a PM program, you have to sign many waivers consenting to treatment and vowing not to take your meds outside of how they're prescribed.  You also have to vow not to "share" your meds with anyone.

I've been in PM for almost 2 years, and just had surgery to correct two of my shot lumbar disks.  I'm recovering, but the pain is still there.  My doctors say that the residual swelling takes a loooooooong time to subside and get those nerves back in order.  So, best of luck to you so you don't have to undergo this type procedure.  

Pain Management is the way to go.  Search for someone with a very good background and if you don't like your initial consult, find someone else, because you need a good partner in your doctor when in a program like this.  My PM doc and his PA are excellent.  Actually, his whole staff and my surgeon's whole staff are at the very top.  Must be why they have the best ortho practice in the city.  I'd tell the PM doc too when you meet with him/her, "I need a partner to help me beat my pain, are you in?"  Be frank with them, they expect frankness and honesty.  But I'm telling you, if that "reading" is off when you test their bedside manner, run and find someone else!  That is the most important thing.  You never should have to beg for refills and be in pain for any length of time, and you'll find it may be a hit or miss period before you try something that works for you.  I take Lyrica which was amazing for me for a long time, until my back just wore itself out.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you just want to chat.  You've got my support, and I wish you all the best!
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I want to really thank you all.  (oh, yea!  I am southern, yet live in IN.) have not lost some of my accent.  lol  I just wanted to applaud all of you, that have found relief, a bit
through going to a P.M. I wonder, if I can choose, since I am on Medicare only.
I went today to see my Gastro doc.  He did a full blood panel, to see if I am malnurished,  and liver panel, and if my enzimes are up on my pancreas.  He gave me more percocette.  Yet I told him I will have to take it every 4 hours, because it is not
helping with the pain in pancreas.  But, thanks to all for giving me your opinion

I always say, "Better to have more input, than none at all!  Thanks again
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I would like to thank you all too, as I am booked to see a pain doctor again on Jan 22-09

and I didn't know what question's to ask him. I only had DDD with bulging disc back when I last seen him which was july 29th-08, he gave me 4 months of peridan at 4 times a day.. but they dont work, he also gave me epurdurls in the spine and that didn't work either, plus gave me a hip needle, as my hips and lower back hurt on a regular basis. The same day I have another appointment for a Rhumy doctor who gave me 6 cortizone shots that one day, 2 in the butt bones, 2 in the hip bones and 2 in the back bones, again nothing has helped me so far. But the pain doctor did call me a hopeless case, and the Rhumy doc said I have too many problems..I also have been told by the Rhumy doc I have Hip bursitisand x rays told me I have DDD plus bulging disks "sometimes' is how that was explained.. they come and go.. also have bone spurs ..and OA "osteoarthritis " at L5 S1... I was in very good health almost 2 years ago, since then I went downhill with all this stuff..

The only relief I get is when I use - VORWERK "CHILLI BRAND" Porous Capsicum Plaster/Stickers that I put on my lower back and my hip bones.. Shoppers told me to bring in the package so they can see it and most likey order them for me.. for now I get my mom to send them xpress mail.. and they come from a little drug store near her in Toronto,Ont..They do work miracles for me.. but i still need to get at the root of my problems.. and have been writing down some things to ask doctor's from this forum..

Thank you all so much.

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