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I was dx with degeneraive disc dx in my neck

Dr. says I am not getting any younger and these changes are normal with aging. Hum?  I know people older than I am that do not have to take Tramadol to deal with this pain daily.  I am 56 not 96 and try t/b active as poss. with dealing with family, FT job, cleaning my house and going to the YWCA a couple times a week. Tramdol make me tired and I dont have time to be tired.  Its good I guess that i keep pushing myself no matter how tired I am. I have been on other meds in the past that really upset my stomach big times so her precribed Tramadol because it does not affect my stomach in that way. What do you think?  He refuses to send me on to a spine specialist. I have an HMO and at his mercy.
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I am 45 and taking 120mg of extended release morphine daily + 30mg instant release, along with other various medications...  ...all 13 of them!  It DOES tend to make one feel rather burdened!  

My MD refers to my multiple herniated discs (cervical, thoracic & lumbar spine) as a "little touch of arthritis".  SO, I KNOW how you feel about the minimizing!!!

Wow!  What kind of Doc are you talking about--Primary Care?  I go to a Physiatrist (fizz-eye-uh-trist)  for "Pain Management".  I want to AVOID SURGERY for as LONG AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE!!!  So, I do not go to Orthopedic or Surgical Specialists!

Maybe you could ASK for Pain Management?  They supposedly are a conservative intervention, as they help you "maintain".

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Wow Mia; that a load of meds. My concern is that I really do not like taking that many meds or even the meds I do take. I feel that there is a cost we pay for everything we ingest. I still work at a very busy, mentally challening job and would like to keep it that way. Last fall and early winter I really felt I was loosing it - so extremely exhausted, weak, and mentaly fuzzy. It was a combination of drugs I was taking and sleep apnea. I now am on the cpap and feel loads better. My only complaint is the pain and discomfort. I had surgery for the lower lumber (spinal fusion) in 2000. It went really well and I had no problems for many years after. I went back to work FT two months after. I found the spinal specialist t/b very very informative in a way no other doc. was. He did not rush me into surgery. We only ended up there because the nerve was actually pinched between the two vertebre and PT or nothing else helped. PT actually made it worse for this issue. My primary also thinks they rush a persn into surgery and that was not my feel at all. He clearly explained every tiny thing in the MRI picture and also with a model of the spine. The other docs before made me think it was my muscles or even in my head. I think most people want to see/hear a clear explanation of what is happening and then if PT or drug therapy is what is best than yes.  There are new, not so evasive surgical options out there that I have been reading about. Some use laser tech. and recovery is much quicker and one does not have to live on drugs and most times make one tired, weak, out of sorts. etc... I am going to try the PT again, but with this degenerative disc dx I have not had much luck with it in the past. By the way, I feel very empowered as I asked the doc to read my chart. He complied and stated he never had anyone ask before. I think it is great to take that kind of power over ones health and know what has been said. I learned a few things and feel good about being in more control of my health and not just lead around. Keep smiling. Sounds like you are doing fine and are content. Good for you. I am happy too, not walking around misserable. I am not one to  show I have pain (for the most part) even when I do.
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I to have the same degenerative spine issues in C3-5.  I to suffer unbearable pain I have tried drugs but they don't help and I dont take much of anything in the way pain meds cause I have a family history of addiction, I do take SKELAXIN 800mg as needed.  I also have small kids to look after and cant be out of my mind because that's what drugs do to me.  

Maybe you could get your doctor to send you to a pain management doctor.  I personally have had great success with epidural blocks for the pain because there is not much they can really do about stopping the degeneration.  The first block I had lasted for almost 2 years now I have had to have them every 6 months.   I have been getting them for 5 years now.  

Good luck in your quest to find help.  Its hard when your Doctor will not give you credibility have been is your shoes and know the pain.  
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I also have been diagnosed with DDD and several herniated and a bulging disc.  But I also have Sjogren's syndrome and the doctors think maybe some RA.

Just make sure to check, get blood tests, to make sure there's not more going on.
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