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Is there any good(curable) treatment for Lacunar infarctions / microvascular chroni ischemic changes (in right fronto-parietal region.)?

i would like to let you know that my mother's age is 44 years.she has high blood pressure.1.5 years back her left leg's fingers started bending slightly. gradually it was increasing with pain and her left leg does not work properly. her left hand often seems to come upwards and it would shake a little bit .after that we consulted with doctor of neuro medicine. he advised to  have a MRI. but MRI findings were normal.then the doctor pointed the disease as parkinson and suggested some medicine like- sandopa, cardism etc. but there was no improvement rather her hand and leg became stiff. about nine months we followed those medicines.

as there was not a good outcome, we went for homeopathic treatment and since last 11 months we have been continiuing it. but recently her right leg's fingers also started bending as the left leg's fingers . then we checked her blood pressure 160/110 and also had another MRI . MRI imprresion was:
On T2W and Flair images hyperintense foci are noted in periventricular white matter of right fromtal and pariental lobes, sugestingn lacunar infarcts / microvascular chronic ischemic changes in these locations.
Ventricular system appears normal.
Midline structures are not shifted.
Pituitary, parasellar areas, corpus callosum, optic chiasma, thalami, basal gaglina, pons, medulla oblongata and cerebellum appear normal.
CP angles are clear. Visualized cranial nerves appear normal.
Normal basal flow voids are seen.

Lacunar infarcts / microvascular chroni ischemic changes in right fronto-parietal region.

my mother's condition is becoming worse .so is there any treatment for this disease ???? i ll be really grateful to you if you send me detail infomation about the matter i discussed above so that i can take proper steps for my mother's treatment.

thanking you
nafsoon rahman mouly
dhaka, bangladesh.
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