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I've had these symptoms severely now for about 4 years. It started with muscle weakness, fatigue, muscle pain, buzzing or tingling sensation in my feet, legs, arms and hands, tremor and uncoordination. I was a retail manager and working very long difficult hours. It got so bad I couldn't do my job. I went to my doctor. I presented with a high ANA of 1:640 with a speckled pattern but SED rate was normal. I also had hyper reflex action, heart arhythmia and granuloma annulares rashes on my inner thigh and arm pit. Over the past 4 years my symptoms seem to go in spurts, sometimes pain is prevelant, sometimes the buzzing and weakness. I have developed severe neuropathic burning and pain, muscle stiffness and muscle cramps mostly in my legs and feet. I have had bloodwork several times and ANA and SED remain the same. My doctors still have not come to a diagnosis.
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Hi...did u join the Adrenal Insufficiency forum?...u may get some well informed answers there. Stella is the CL and I am sure she can help u.

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Sorry to hear about your pain.

I have taken potassium & magnesium for stiffness, it worked very good for me. I had it the stiffness and spasm's to the point I couldn't barley walk only baby steps, even then it was severe. I am not a doctor, so again this is what I have tryed and worked for me.
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