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SCI: is B12, Folate Deficiency involved in Neuropathic Burning,Allodynia,Parasthesiae

My injury details, cervical C2-C7, C1 eroding, lumbar disc bulges at L3,4 &5, fusion C2-7 with Laminectomy C5-7 are already on medhelp.
I now have fortfnightly B12 injections, even though I have been on sublingual B12 since first signs of parasthesiae in 1988  post 1st accident, with multi B + minerals, omegas, flaxseed oil etc
also trying bromelain, papaya, feverfew for the tear producing burning/searing [like being BBQ'd by a fierce tropical sun].
Electrical activity flows as a constant buzz (white noise) thru whole nerv system, plus electric 'spikes' as burning/redness/swelling increase from cervical spine over scalp into face, into legs/feet[recently upper thigh, and soles]
& arms/hands/fingers[upper+palm] - movement has to be  intended and now slow & stilted, drop things, cannot shower [like hail storm].
Parasthesiae is even in lips=>burn upper lip[swells & forms scab] with hot coffee due to sensitivity affected. I am told the brain is now affected [hence slow decision making, memory, focus - I FEARED early alzh/demem] & I find it hard to type & even think of words ~ this is strange as being a therapist for 30+ years I relied on my words as my trusty professional tools. I wrote & published poetry but that is much harder, and not a spontaneous response to what I feel/think. This is made more difficult now as saliva is often dried up with my gullet burning like acid poured down it & my ears feel like they are 'smoking', at such times my eyes feel like they are swimming in "pools of hot oil".

My Hospital Neurosurg/Neurolog & Pain Team say there is nothing more to offer - after looking at & precluding deep brain stimulation, spinal cord stimulator & other active intervention.
Now off opioids, still 300Gabapentin iiid, plus Panalgesic or Mersyndol Forte for severe occipital pain with radiation to forehead/eyes [then increased light noise sensitivity], Mobic(meloxicam).

I am told that Chronic neuropathic pain esp with SCI has permanent effects in the brain.
I try to counter this with hypnosis, meditation[breathing, imagery etc], acupuncture & brain wave entrainment.

Can you advise of various interplay of Chronic Pain/ B12, folate etc deficiencies, paraesthesiae -
please include any links to breaking Research and/or Guidelines
PLUS what your experience & your team
(Including ANY Other Relevant Clinicians who would be kind enough to contribute - free of any legal challenge)
may know  about.
This is so Very Much appreciated
~ how would we all be if there were no medhelp or spine-health.org?? {you make such a difference with this kind professionalism showing genuine care for fellow humans}
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