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Searching for guidance regarding neurological symptoms

Hey everyone.  I'm quite active, have always been, and had a groin/low back injury last September.  Over the course of the past year, I've had fluctuations in groin and abdominal pain (likely a sports hernia), which has caused considerable compensation when I walk. At some point I began to note that my calves were a bit shakey, bilaterally, after standing for prolonged periods of time.  I'm a physical therapist, and have a degree of training/understanding of the nervous system.  I've always had somewhat brisk DTRs in my lower extremities bilaterally, and even noted a few beats of clonus in my feet- going back years (7-10?).    I went to an MS specialist, who ordered a cervical and thoracic MRI, came out clean.  As my injuries have improved, I've noted less muscular compensation and less shaking.  The shaking however, is there, and gets worse with over exertion (standing for 20-30 minutes, exercising/kettle bell swings etc).  When I"m fatiguied, it's much easier to elicit my clonus (sometimes I get under 5 beats, sometimes over- as compared to 2 or none when I'm relaxed and not fatigued).  My reflexes (calves/thighs) are easily set off by a slap on the leg ( in a social setting), or if I feel a strong vibration in the floor.  My MS neuro said to monitor the symptoms, and come back if they get worse, or do not fully recover.  My issue is- it seems that my baseline is that I may have been this way for a while.  I'm tempted to see a different neuro with a different focus (motor neuron focus and EMG testing?) versus returning to my MS specialist.  Can any MDs give guidance as to whether or not I should continue to follow up with my MS doctor?  Also, I'm a bit nervous that I have ALS, and subclinical symptoms.  as a side note- absent babinski and absent hoffmans- although hoffmans is tough to test on yourself- would appreciate any insight into that as well, as I"m quite anxious!
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