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Severe Low Back Pain After Standing?

Not sure where to post this, but I'm getting worse with this problem.  I get severe low back pain after standing or walking.  It's been like this for a few years, but lately, I can't stand more than a couple minutes without feeling the need to bend forward to alleviate the pressure on my back.  I've mentioned it to my doctor and my chiropractor and both of them just sort of blow it off as nothing - but it's seriously affecting my quality of life.  Even grocery shopping is difficult anymore.  Any ideas?
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I have similar pain cause by standing and any type of movement.  I would check to see a specialist who knows about SI dysfunction first.  This may not be the root of the problem but the SI dysfunction will cause low back pain.  I had this for a couple of years and blew it off and then the pain became severe and has spread throughout my hip area.  I recently found out that I have misformed hips and this has caused degeneration of my hips and tendons surrounding my hips.  If I had gotten the diagnoses a couple of  years ago I may not be in such pain right now.  I would see if you can get xrays and an MRI to rule out vertebra problems.
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iI have had this back pain about 8 years it keeps getting worseit hurts in lower back and feels like there is a knife cutting across it i cant stan yo long but just last yeat i was walking 3 blocks a day now it hurts to sit stand and walk dr said it was degenerative bines i am 78 my sister in law started havin this and part was denjgenerative but they did something to 2 lower vertabrates and put rod in i do not know exackly what yrt it has been 2 weeks she is my age i sure wish they could do something it hurts so bad i am going to have to go back to dr this does not seem normal to hurt all tjhe time      lots kuck   jo
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Thanks so much for your responses.  I am going to make an appointment with my doctor and ask if he will order x-rays or an mri on my lower back.  I've had numerous mri's of my cervical and thoracic spine due to MS, but never lower than that.  This pain is clearly near my hip area and runs horizontally across my lower back.  It's getting so I can't even stand up long enough to wash dishes without having to sit down for relief.  Something has to be wrong.
I just ran across this, I know its an old post.  But i have the same exact pain in my back.. Its getting ridiculous. I cant even do the dishes or take a long shower!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm 47, i used to be active and now i cant even walk the mall or thru walmart without a cart to hold onto...  did you ever find out the problem. I went to the Rheumatologist but its not arthritis. they put me on Celebrex and Prednisone which are not helping at all.  Xrays came tame back saying i have degenerative changes but that's it and they ordered MRI's but I lost my job and insurance so I cant do them.
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I had this problem and it turned out to be overly tight hamstrings which were pulling on muscles of my lower back causing muscle strain.

I had read comments from over a dozen back specialists and none of them mentioned this as a possible cause. I found a comment on one of the blogs about someone who suffered for years before realizing this was his problem. If this is your problem you will need to do hamstring stretching exercises.
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I have the same problem ,i cant stand for more than a few minutes or the pain in my lower back becomes unberable and i have to go set down to take the pressure off . I made my doctor give me an mri but it didnt show any thing ,i have tried stretching my back but it dosent seem to help the only way i can walk is to lean on something to take pressure off. I would like to know how to fix this !!!!!!
i have been suffering for 8 long yrs with this...can only stand/walk 2 min at a time...need to lean on a cart if doing groceries which i now have to give up..just too painful...i know the pressure you speak  of...it feels like 1000lbs of cement on your back..you seize up and have to sit  immediately and lean forward til the pressure starts to ease...it has ruined my life...i feel like a shut in...i cant even clean my own apt...cant shower anymore...have to bathe...i have tried every treatment you can think of and get no relief...i feel ready to end it all...i have 0 quality of life and i am only 52yrs old...i wish one of us could find an answer on here and end this agony
I feel your pain tooo. i have the exact same thing and I dont know what it is!!!Its sooo frustrating.. The pressure is relentless!!!!!!  I cant go places or do anything, I cant work,  but have no diagnosis so what am i suppose to do.
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I have the same symptoms as you, can't stand for long without having to squat down or bend forward to take pressure off ,when doing groceries I have to use cart to help or i can not walk around, this is really getting to me ,got an appointment with neuro surgeon in April, after doing p/t, chiro and numerous injections @ pain management clinic none of which helped, just taking each painful day by day.

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At 20 years of age ,back in the 1990's. i suffered from a compression of the spine due to a work related injury (posted on my journal).to make a long story short i was diagnosed by a wcb doctor who told me i have degenerative disk desease......at 20 years old?......Anyways im 44 now and the condition has worsened.i to ,have to use the grocery carts to get around the stores and have not been able to work full time to support my family for far to long.as a result, standing is a painful experience.over the years ive used a back support device to reduce pressure on my spine.which has worked great,the problem is when i work with the back support,instead of my blown disk hurting ive developed a pain in my anuls just inside my buttox it starts out like a headache and if i contiue working this ring area just inside my buttox gets compromised and the ring gets inflamed....which resulted in me having a parianal absess....ive had the second one of these absesses removed just yesterday.what i would like to know is anyone suffering from back pain have any problems with anal pain or for men pain in the testicals.......why i ask this is because a chiropractor told me this was the result of a nerve being pushed by my blown disk...to wrap this up i also experience burning feet and i also believe this is a result of the same condition.....??? any insight???anyone with the same symptoms?
Hi you have ces which is a narrowing of the spinal cord. Your disc or material will have gone central and put pressure of your cord which results in nerve damage. Decompression surgery should be done Asap. I know this because it happened to me. It can cause major bowel and bladder problems and sexual problems. But the worst you could lose the power and the feeling in your legs. Like me. So please get it checked out I was showing red flag warning signs for years. Don't end up like me make sure they listen to you. Unfortunately doctors think back pain is unimportant . Hope it's not too late.
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I know this Is years after you posted about your lower back pain,I was hopeing that you still come on here....I have the exact same problem as you had & I have m.s as well,I jist wondered what the outcome of It all was??  I have never suffered so much pain, & like you the smallest of tasks I have to sit down to relieve the pain...This Is a long shot I know because It was so many years ago you posted,I just really hope that you read this...I'm going to the doctors on Tuesday to ask for a mri,already been once but It was not my Doctor so he told me to up my morphine...Which done no good so stopped taking It.
If there Is anyone else on here with m.s & has or Is suffering with the same sort of pain, could you please reply to me as I'm going out of my mind thinking all sorts lol
Thankyou anyone that has read this,
HI...this is 4 years later, but my back has been bothering me for years...I had an MRI and it showed that I have a herniated disk.  I can't walk tor stand but for a few minutes and my back starts hurting me soooo bad...I mean excruciating pain....I have to either lean forward on something, or sit down to take the pressure off.  It kinda feels like Im being shocked. It hurt so bad that it literally takes my breath away...NOW THATS BAD!!  .IDK...all I know is it hurts like hell.  I can't work.  At 47 Im having to live at my dads and that is embarrassing. He said I could stay as long as I needed but still.  I don't have small kids. My daughter is 24, and lives on her on, so its not like I have any small kids running around hollering..THANK GOD FOR THAT..HA HA HA  Anyway..I have a neurosurgeon appointment September 21st 2016  Im hoping and praying that he can tell me whats wrong, and hopefully fix it.
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I'm hoping to find out as well!  I have the same thing...and break out in a sweat and get nauseous if I can't sit down after a few minutes.  
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is ur pain any better now?
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whihc area do u get pain
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what are ur symptoms
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no back pain still the same ,doctor says arthritus ,  bull!!
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I had the same problem, turns out that because of my sedentary lifestyle, my core muscles had gotten weaker. Strengthening those really helped.
See: http://scoobysworkshop.com/2012/07/01/rotisserie-functional-core-abs-workout/
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I have had the same symptoms. I hurt so bad. I couldn't sit long, walk very far of stand very long. When standing and then siting down I have a sharp spasm that lasts about 30 seconds. I went through many tests. MRI, CT scan, x-rays.  They did find something with my lower back. Calcium deposits, artheritis. They called it Sciatica. The only thing that helps me some is doing stretches. It dosn't take all the pain away but it does ease it. I am able to walk more, stand longer and sit longer. Everytime it really starts to hurt I stretch my lower back. I also do a couple of yoga stretches. I hope this helps. They also gave me a cortisone shot in my spine. It worked for a while. I find stretching works just as well.
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This sounds like SJD or sacroiliac joint dysfunction. A diagnosis is fairly easy in much of the Western world but not here in USA. It is diagnosed best by use of a sacroiliac injection of a lidocaine solution. The shot is given and after upon standing you should feel 75% to 100% relief. That would be a positive test that you have a dysfunction. Then another shot is given of a steroid like Kenalog into the sacral cavity on the side affected. Usually it is one side but sometimes both.  The doctor should then send you to a chiropractor with a few days of injection so he can manipulate joint. You will be a new person after this. I suffered for 8 yrs with this. The symptoms are identical to yours. I had X-rays and MRI's and nothing was found. I had to tell them to do this and they referred me to a place that did it on an outpatient basis. You really need to talk to your doctor about it as they never seem to identify this as a SJD. Get another DR. if you have to but the chances are very high this is your problem.
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I understand the feeling your going through. I too am having the same problems.  I have been in the nursing field for 13 years and never had so much pain in my lower back like this.  I'm only 33, and have to lean on Walls if I'm standing for over 2 minutes. I can't walk to my car in my parking lot without my low back and hips feeling like their going to give up on me.  I haven't got a MRI or XRAY yet due to me gaining weight for sitting all the time. Doctors are going to say its my weight. But I can't work out like I use to because of the pain. I cry almost everyday because I can't find out what it is. I told doctors about it but they just blow it off. This developed and got worst with in 3 months, and three months I been out of work. I want to go back to work but can't walk or stand without me leaning or finding support to ease pressure off my lower back and hips. I could only pray we all could find someone that could give us the answer.
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Glad I found this thread I was beginning to think I was going mad. I have suffered acute pack pain since I was 29. It started literally over night - I woke up unable to lift my head from the pillow moving at all was agony. In the beginning docs said it was muscle strain,but several years and many tests later I was told it was scoliosis & I would just have to live with it & I have struggled on since. From being  active I went to being hardly able to move. Things have got really bad in the last year - standing just 2 mins in the same position results in acute pain across my lower back back centering on hip area. Doctors blame sciatica but after 20+ years of that pain I can tell the difference losing weight is impossible when you can not move.If anyone gets a 'proper' diagnosis I would love to hear from them
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I feel like I am reading myself. I have the same problems with my back. I am unable to stand or walk for no more than a minute or two. I have been diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease & Osteoarthritis. I have 2 discs in my back that are completely dried out. Absolutely no fluid. So it is just vertebrae on vertebrae. Because of my weight i feel like my dr's wont help me. But please tell me if I am in constant ppain and unable to get around how am i suppose to lose weight?? One dr even told me it is useless for me to be on a diet. WOW Thanks for the support. The drs wont even give me pain meds. All they give me is Mobic & Naproxen. Absolutely no help at all. My quality of life is so deminished I want to give up. I have to sit to do dishes or take a shower or anything in general. Ridiculous. BY THE WAY I AM ONLY 34 YEARS OLD. I have been dealing with this since i was 30. :(
Maybe you could take a look at you tube regarding plant base diets. It is a wonderful way to prevent and reverse disease although it haven't helped with my back issue yet. Please give it a chance! You will be thrilled with the results. Start with Caldwell esselstyn's website. That will lead you to many other plant base dr's. God bless you!
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I'm 17 and I've had this same exact issue. Only it takes me about 30 seconds to a minute before it starts hurting, and it hurts worse the more I continue to stand .  It only hurts on the right side of my lower back . It kinda sends the throbbing pain down my leg too . Its unbearable and crippling . The only relief I find is when I'm sitting or hunched forward . Only been feeling it for about a week now , but I've had no prior injuries to my back , so I can't understand what could be causing this .
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I felt like I could have written your story myself. I am 44 years old and my pain has been going on for 3 years now. The past 10 months it has gotten to where I cannot even stand to take a shower. My husband has to help me get dressed, because I cannot stand in one spot for too long. I have went through 4 doctors and 3 MRIs and X-rays and they all try telling me it is arthritis. I  have sent my results from my MRI out of state to a doctor that has never met me, and he found I have degenerative disc disease, a bulging disc, a cyst on my kidneys(5cm), spurs and bone fragments, along with some other issues. He suggested that when I walk and stand for even a minute, that my kidneys are stretching and pushing my disc causing my pain to start and increase rapidly to where I cannot move anymore. At my insistence, I have an appt with an orthopedic surgeon next week to discuss FIXING the problem, instead of blowing me off and trying to mask it with pain killers and muscle relaxers. They do not even affect the pain, and physical therapy just made it worse. I have gained 130 pounds since this started as I cannot move around anymore. I used to walk almost 2 hours a day, and run and play with my kids. Now I am 80% bed-bound. This is NOT NORMAL in any way, and if any doctor tries to tell you that it is, get another one...and another...until one actually listens to you. Good Luck!!!
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My heart goes out to all of you with this type of back pain.  Real quick, here is what I went through.  In my early 30's I started having severe lower back pain whenever I was on my feet for more than 15 minutes.  I called it a "belt of pain" because I also felt it in my pelvis.  When I mentioned it to drs., I was sent for tests to see if I had ovarian cysts, endometriosis, etc.  Nothing found.  I couldn't understand why 85 year old women were able to stand in line at the grocery store and I was in such pain!  Now, at age 57, I finally went to the dr. and was diagnosed with significant degenerative disc disease and spinal arthritis.  I used to think this was "all in my head."  Pursue this for a diagnosis.  When I was younger, no one took me seriously.  Once you're over 50, it can be different. All those years!  I'm doing ok; taking 2 Aleve daily and being careful.  Again, my heart goes out to you. BrokenMama ~ you are too young to have so much pain.  babyjessie is correct...this is not normal.  Don't stop until you find a compassionate dr. and get some help.  
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Check out Piriformis Syndrome.   The piriformis can put pressure on the sciatic nerve and cause hip/back/leg problems.   It's tough to heal it but not impossible.  Sedentary lifestyle (sitting all day at the computer, etc.), gaining weight in the abdominal area and losing core strength all contribute to making the back pain worse.  It's all about muscle balancing.  When something is out of whack, it throws other things out of whack until the body can't take it any more.  Piriformis syndrome is often missed by doctors as it won't show up in an MRI or X-ray.  Yoga and stretching, along with PT usually help, but it does take awhile and you have to be consistent in doing the stretching and exercises everyday, as well as being conscious of your body mechanics.  Rick Olderman is a PT who's written a number of books on fixing pain.  Check out his "Fixing You" series.   I have the one on Hip and Knee Pain and it's very informative.  Will be purchasing the one on Back Pain next.
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Did you ever find out why you break out in a sweat and get nauseated when you stand for very long? I have had the same problem for a few years now.
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