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childhood disintegrative disorder

My son, rean, is 5 years old..was normal with speech, behaviour..and a bright baby till 18 months. He suddenly regressed with autistic symptoms..no eye contact, no response to name and noresponse to anything. Eversince, he has been on play therapy... has speech of a 2 year old..only names when in great need. His eye contact is almost completely restored..social behaviour much better. has started imitating actions very recently. he is on a d-worming homeopathy course..no medication otherwise. goes to school. As a parent, i am looking at CURE ..not so happy with therapy as a tool to completely normalise him. his EEG is normal. his MRI shows a gliotic lesion in deep parietal whi matter, which a neurologist said, might not be responsible for behaviour changes. can you please help him...is there anything your science can do to restore normalcy to his life?...Am anxiously waiting for your reply..warm regards..gargi
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