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have u been turned downfor help?

i would like to know how many people have been turned down for medical help by a Neurosurgeon, or whomever, for help  because "You ARE TOO YOUNG for this XZY condition " or  WHY not try pain management first and then come back down the road if not, / TRY .... INJECTIONS INSTEAD/

I REALLY THINK there is more too it then that:
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Interesting. Shame no answers as of yet. Let me be the first to comment.
I have been the gamete with injections. I have had so many steroid injections from pain management and NOW I find out that they are deteriorating my bone. That is all the doctors would do besides pain meds.
Watch the side effects of these injections especially if they are not lasting that long. Mine only lasted for two weeks and the pain would return. I had to get an RFA to relieve my pain issues and they usually work for me but the nerve does grow back so physical therapy is the key (I guess).
Would love to hear others experience?????
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the drs could not guarantee I could even walk after an injection, not even 50% no I haven't tried them yet, my epidural from having my son gave me an annular tear due to the man not doing it in the right spot, so im a little apprehensive for getting another one of ANY kind. plus im a single mom of a 4 yr old with severe non verbal Autism so I have to be able to walk... so frustrated, its been 5 years getting worsenot better, have everything but injections or surgery ....THANKS for the REPLY :
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You are fortunate to have an honest neurosurgeon tell you that you are too young. Ask anyone with failed back syndrome.

There was a time when the only option for conditions like degenerative disc disease was a discectomy and fusion. Doctors were afraid to prescribe adequate pain control, and modern interventional techniques were yet unavailable.

Indeed, there are many options open to you for the treatment of pain. Exhaust them all before submitting to discectomy and fusion surgery. The first step is to find a legitimate pain doctor.
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