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muscular dystrophy

My son age 7 now have dygnose he is having muscular dystrophy at the age of 36 months.Now his walking getting slower and both leg are not stable when he walking.according to doctors their is no cure in western medicine,is it true?and is there anything i could to 4 my son?

Recently i hear from my friend i could do operation in his leg ancle so than he can walk properly.is their any possile for an a operation?pls guide me and let me know what i should do.

Thank you

Narvan from Malaysia
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sorry dear friend my heart goes to you and you'r son ,God bless you and give the strenght for everyday and i hope you find someone who can help you
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Hi there;
   I am so sorry to hear that your son has Muscular Dystrrophy. As far as I know there is no surgery that can help him. The muscles in his young body begin to contract and surgery would make it so hrd on him. My oldest baby was born with Wernig Hoffmans Syndrom, a severe form of Muscular Dystrophy. She was in the hospital the whole of her young life. If you have a Shriners Hospital in Malaysia
, contact them, they are wonderful. Again I am so sorry that he and you are going through this.

gentle hugs
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Hi Narvan,

I am so sorry to hear of ur son's dx.....and that he is slowing down.Unfortunatly I know nothing about MD.....and since no one else here has responded......I opted to.....All I can do is listen tho....and if that is what u need I am here.....

Good luck
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