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Hi all,

I care for my 83 yr old grandmother who has Parkinson's.  She was just finally diagnosed with dementia due to her Parkinson's.  We have started her on aricept 10mg a couple weeks ago.  The doc said this may help with the symptoms of her dementia.  I have noticed that If she doesn't sleep well she is confused and more forgetful.  She sees black shapes and actual hallucinations.  These are mostly because she has been taking her Parkinson's medications for so long.

Does anyone have experince with aricept? What are your opinions of it?

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Yes my grandfather was prescribed Aricept for dementia
as well and experienced similar side effects.
His gerontologist changed him to Namenda
which he found more tolerable. However each person responds
differently to each medication. It would be worthwhile to let the doctor
who is prescribing the medication know about these concerns
so they can follow up within their clinical discretion.
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I'm not concerned yet sine she only started taking them and she had the confusion and stuff before the aricept.  We see ner Nero/movement disorder doctor every three months
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From what I know aricept usually works best when prescribed with namenda.
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