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My mam recently had a hip operation , since this it has came out that she has had a stoke !! Which I don't no when or why, and also a delirium !!!  She is not the same woman from having this operation !!! She had also developed diabetes type 2, which is injections !!! Could anyone please tell me why and how this has happend !!! She is also having holucinations which is causing a lot of problems between my family !!! I need answers
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My mother-in-law went through the same thing when she had knee surgery. She was fine, then after surgery she didn't know us and it was all down hill from then on. We think they gave her too much anesthesia. I don't know how to help you other than to say looking at family pictures always put my mother-in-law in a good mood. If she didn't know my name on certain days I would tell her what letter my name starts with and she would try to guess my name.. a form of brain exercise maybe. Also a good diet...free of fat, sugar and salt. The Mediterranean Diet is really healthy and Colavita Olive Oil has a good taste.
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