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Semantic dementia

Hi, My father was detected with semantic demantia about a year back. He was having problems in identifying objects and spelling out the words. The MRI scan showed degradation of the brain and the neurologist confirmed semantic dementia and ruled out Alzheimers. He has been on a medication of Aricept 10 mg a day for the past 9 months along with his heart medication (ecosprin) post his bypass 4 years back. However since his neuro medication started, his condition has gone worse since earlier it was only about speech. Now his speech has gone much worse, ability to converse has gone down, and doing basic activities like shaving etc needs reminders. He has also started talking a lot to himself.
Keeping these symptoms in mind, we took a second opinion and the new doctor completely stopped Aricept. He has instead precribed the following:
(For morning & afternoon)
1. Parkin-plus (hydrochloride tablets)
2. Norwayz (Idebenone tablets 45 mg)
3. Corus (Vitamins, mineals, fatty acids & amino acids)

For night
1. Sove IT 6.5 (Zolpidem Tartrate Extended-Release tablets)
2. Folinine (Folic Acid, Methylcopalamin & Pyridoxine)
3. Olimelt 5 mg (Olanzapine)

The earlier symptoms like talking to himself, being always agitated etc. has gone down with these medicines. However his speech has turned slurry and made him quite inactive. If he gets up in the night, he doesnt remember to go off to sleep and keeps wandering in the house.

I am confused because none of the medications is stalling the degradation. What step should I take now? Can I send you the reports to look at?

Thanks for your help...
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