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can a virus migrate to the brain to cause dementia

My brother had Ramsey-Hunt Syndrome about 1-1/2 years ago. He had damage to his eye, partial face paralysis and hearing loss. It is my understanding that RHS is a form of shingles caused by a virus. About 3 months ago, he started having hallucinations and delirium. The doctors have ruled out kidney infection, brain tumors, Alzheimers, stroke and trauma. He has loss over 100 lbs in the 3 months and has very little appetite. He is cognizant of his hallucinations and admits he cannot distinguish between what is real and what is not real. Is it possible that the virus has affected his brain functions causing some form of dementia?
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I have terrible problems understanding speech or even concentrating on words or sentences, I can't pronounce words/slurr or trip over words, can't find words.  And then I had terrible hearing loss and couldn't hear whole sentences they were blocked out and couldn't hear consonants.  I was beaten and had head trauma a few years ago and I thought it was bell's but maybe it was RH?  I immediately went blind after the attack.

I started 60mg of prednisone/day and valtrex
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Hello ill13632, how are you doing on your treatment plan?   What type of doctor Dx'd and Rx'd your illness?
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