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2 upper non impacted wisdom teeth removal

I am getting my 2 upper wisdom teeth out this Friday. I am 29 years old. Now, I was only born with 2 upper  wisdom teeth which I guess is good news. They don't give me problems and I could get them out anytime but I chose to just rough it up and get it over with.

My question is, since they are non impacted, straight wisdom teeth, will they be easy to be removed? And is the healing process quick with this type of wisdom teeth?

also how are the teeth extracted? I will be put under and the  Oral Surgeon said it would take 45 min to get them out...I hope quicker...only because my husband will be with our toddler...

I want to be able to function during the day. My time for surgery is at 9AM. I am a baby with doctors so I like to know step by step process and the answer to my other question(s) ...so I don't feel so scared.

thank you in advance! :)
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i only had the 2 upper ones also. i had them removed in my early 20's. wisdom teeth are easier to remove than other teeth because they have less of a root system. i just had a local pain killer and other than feeling a lot of pressure and tugging it was pain free. the dentist practically had to crawl in my lap to get the correct angle. i took the following day off from work as a precaution but with just over the counter meds i felt fine. i cant remember how long it took to heal but it was pretty quick. just remember to follow all the dentists instructions to avoid complications. dont be nervous! i am a baby too and it wasnt that bad!
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If upper wisdom tooth is single rooted and female patient, removal usually takes within 5 miniutes. If the tooth is multirooted and male patient, it may take 15 -30 miniutes.Post-op pain is minimal, most patients take one dose of pain killer in the evening. No major discomfort is experinced in the following day. Dry socket is an exttremely rare event for upper wisdom tooth removal. Post op antibiotics is rarely needed.
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"My question is, since they are non impacted, straight wisdom teeth, will they be easy to be removed?"

"And is the healing process quick with this type of wisdom teeth?"
Yes, you did not mention anything that would make the healing take longer.  It's always better to have wisdoms out early because you heal so much faster.

"also how are the teeth extracted?"
Most of that 45 minutes will be making sure you are correctly sedated, and getting good anesthesia.  Any good oral surgeon can remove upper erupted wisdom teeth in a matter of minutes.  If you really want to know...they separate the gums from the tooth, lever the tooth around to loosen it in the socket (bone is like a sponge, correctly expand the socket and the tooth almost literally falls out), and then just slides it out.  Clean the area, make sure you are titrated out of sedation, and thats it.

Just a note about sedation, depending on the medication used, you may not remember most of the morning and maybe some of the afternoon.  You will function normally within a few hours, but may still have the amnesia effect for a while.  Best thing would be to have someone watch your toddler because all you are really going to want to do after sedation is sleep.  You will be back to normal the next day.
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