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25 Year old with periodontitis

So I had gum disease when I was like 16 or something. I didn't understand how serious this problem is until I turned 24. It was a nightmare. My teeth had pockets of between 5mm-8mm. Well, that's obviously servere periodontitis.

I have been taking care of my teeth very very much after I realised how bad my condition was. I brush and floss after every meal, use mouthwash, I use salt and baking soda from time to time as well, I apply it on my tooth paste before brushing, I take calcium and Vit C tablets, I also do not bite on hard food anymore. My condition has improved drastically. No more bleeding, gums are pink and no bad breath. I also go for my three month clean up sessions.

My question is do pocket sizes reduce? Also in order for my condition not to worsen, I would have to do this all my life right, but will my condition still worsen even if I did this all my life? I am a bit worried about pregnancy too. Some pregnant women are affected my gum disease, so is there a chance my teeth will fall out during pregnancy? Since my condition is severe, will this diease ever be cured?

Thanks.. I am just slightly paranoid about my condition!
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Welcome to the world of periodontal disease.  I am there with you.  

Pockets can reduce in size.  I had a root scaling and planing done and my pockets went from 4 - 7, down to all 2s, 3s, one 4 and one 5.  NO more 7's.
One of the best things I have found is a water pik.  It has done more good for pocket reduction and really keeps those deeper pockets clean.

There is no "cure" for periodontal disease.  It is something you fight your entire life.  Going for cleanings every three months and using floss are the single most important things you can do.  Treat your gums gently.  Don't scrub your teeth.  The idea is to get the plaque off, not scrub your gums off the tooth surface.  Try singing the alphabet song as you do each quadrant.  That's about the time limit your should be brushing those surfaces.  
Most people go at their teeth like a pit bull and that will only remove enamel.  Something you don't want to do.
Gentle brushing twice daily, flossing and water pik.  Rinse with warm, salt water and you'll see an amazing improvement.  At least I did!

I also did some research into mouthwash.  Listerine WITHOUT alcohol is fine.  Alcohol will only dry your gums (really bad thing!) so don't use the alcohol based mouthwashes.  Actually, according to what I found, the best mouthwash for bacteria control is ACT-Total.  
I don't like the taste so I am just using the salt water.  There is NO way to eradicate bacteria in the mouth.  It's just there and always will be.

All you can do is take care of your teeth.  If you are diligent with flossing, brushing and water pik, the periodontal disease can be arrested.  Prof. cleaning every three months will keep the plaque from accumulating beneath the gumline where brushing doesn't reach.  It will always be something you must "deal" with, though.

Please don't be paranoid, but do be diligent, and take it as it comes.  
There are continuing treatments for periodontal disease and they are improving all the time.  

Hope this helps some!
My very best to you,
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Thanks Gellia.

I don't use waterpik, maybe I will buy that. I do see tremendous improvement but I am scared that it may just be on the surface but my teeth are actually dying from the inside. I definitely am not bleeding anymore though.

Will this get worst during pregnancy?

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Definitely get the water pik!  Mine is hand held Panasonic that works great and was under $30.  It has made more difference in my periodontal disease than anything.
I had to have root planing and scaling also.  My pockets were all 4's through 7's when I started.

After the RP&S, I started with the water pik and flossing.  Those two things reduced my pockets to one 5 and all the rest 1, 2 and 3's.  It does work!  My periodontist was very surprised.  He had been pushing gum surgery (shudder!).  

I am very diligent with my home care and go for a professional cleaning every three months now.
You can arrest periodontal disease, but you can't "cure" it.  It's an ongoing battle that has to be fought on a daily basis.  You can't forget it just because it is a "silent disease" either.  I tried and I lost 4 teeth.  

Please use me as an example of what NOT to do,  and then what to do after.
Ask your dentist to show you the best way to brush and floss.  Then, do it every day without fail, and use that water pik.  I do not plan on going this path again and take very good care of my teeth now.

You can win the battle but you must stay in the war!
My very best to you!
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Thanks Gellia:) I shall get hold of the waterpik:)
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I think you'll be happy with the result and if you are diligent in your oral hygiene you should be able to arrest the periodontal disease where it is (won't get worse).

My very best to you,
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One last question:

What about food, can I eat anything? Should I stop eating anything?

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