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my sister has an abcessed tooth in which she has yet to finish a round of antibiotics. I know that if you use antibiotic too much your body can build up a resistance to them and not work properly. She does not have health insurance and right now her face is severly swollen. she has said everytime she goes to the hospital (3x) all they do is give her antibiotics and send her home. She really need some help. Does anyone know of a place that will take someone without dental insurance in Lake County, IL. She fears the infection may have entered her sinus cavity as last time she went in they told her she had a sinus infection. please help!!
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The antibiotics will help to a certain degree to prevent the infection from worsening but it is important to treat the source of the problem.  

Besides checking local dental schools, you can also try to find a dentist or free clinic which has dental services.  Contacting your local dental society is a good way to find out what dentists or community clinics and provide needed treatment for free or a low cost.

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Check out your local dental school, most have an urgent care clinic where they can take care of her same day.  If her face is swollen she needs to get in ASAP.
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