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Abcess that is in my gum and nasal cavity what do i do?

I had an abcess in my gum deep by the bone line just under my nose on (my left) canine tooth. It was deep to where it took 4 days to come to a head on the outer gum area. This swelled immensely causing my lip to bulge, left eye swelling, cheek was massive. It disappeared after2 weeks of amoxicillin ibuprofen and naproxen. Everything was fine for a few weeks now i have severe pain under my nose and in my cheek bone area. When i press down it hurts worse. When i talk the pain radiates out to the surrounding teeth and gum areas. There is no oral swelling or pus pocket and i think it has started again. No insurance and i might have to go to the ER again for a RX since i only have 3 amoxicillin 500mg that i was taking three times a day for the last time. What do i do here? I'm scared that itll affect other areas and the pain is affecting my job as receptionist. HELP!
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