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Abcess under tooth...Augmentin prescribed...

Help...had major toothache 10 days ago..x-ray revealed minor decay.  Dentist said it should not have caused major tooth ache but set aug 2 for repair.  woke up monday 6/25 with gum below tooth swollen..called dentist. I apparently had told them funny reaction to amoxicillian but could take augmentin..so they ordered augmentin.(I should write down..at 72 memory loss) One Augmentin pill & I threw up for 12 hours finishing at 3 AM this morning!  Suppositories Fam Dr called in helped...especially when Pharmacist said I could take every 2 hrs...saved me.
Worst experience of my 72 years!  Husband wanted to call 911 or take me to ER.... Too sick to make it to the car...& hated to call 911 although I felt like I might die.
What to take for tooth & gum swelling?  I know my dentist  will not know what to prescribe & family Dr refused to prescribe...I am afraid to even take my morning pills...Is there anything helpful to abscess but easier on my body? The pharmacist suggested a broad spectrum called " omnicef " that would be easier on stomach...what do you think?
No one believes that 1 augmentin could cause such a violent reaction. I have taken some years ago & it was ok. My daughter, a nurse thinks taking Advil & vicodin for past 10 days set my stomach up for the reaction!  And I remembered that I felt a little sick when I called dentist thinking maybe it was the infection spreading.  Your thoughts?
Please head me in right direction...and suggest what my dentist might prescribe.  He suggested I call pharmacist.  Pharmacist suggested Omnacef...so that is what has been called in.
I am presently on levothyroxine,nuvigil,advair & prednisone 15 mg every other day. Was in hospital with back pain..found 2 pressure fracturers of vertebrae .. reason for pain meds.
Can you head me in right direction?
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The vicodin has a bad side effect of nausea which can result in vomiting.  From my own personal experience, I had all my wisdom teeth removed last year and took a vicodin while I was still numb in anticipation of the pain and felt nauseous and threw up.  So I would discontinue the vicodin for now.  Vomiting from antibiotics could be a side effect as well but I'm thinking it may be more due to the vicodin also.  So how many days of antibiotics have you taken so far?  

Amoxicillin is similar to augmentin.  Augmentin is basically amoxicillin with an extra ingredient in it.  So you're basically taking the same antibiotic since you started with the amoxicillin.  Your dentist can try another antibiotic such as clindamycin but its very strong and can cause stomach problems such as diarrhea, stomach pains, etc but clindamycin is great at killing oral bacteria.

Omnicef can be used too if you're concerned about the clindamycin's side effects.  Omnicef, like all other antibiotics, can have similar side effects since it kills both good and bad bacteria though.
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