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Abscess--long term effects?

My husband has had problems with a tooth for about 9 months.  Just recently some pus drained from the tooth.  
He has also had a low grade fever.  I am wondering if a side effect from a long term abscessed tooth can be blood in his semen.  A doctor put him on Amoxicillin 1500mg every 8 hours for 6 doses then 500mg every 8 hours for 14 days.
Is this proper treatment?
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I'm recovering from an abscessed tooth.  Mine developed 3 weeks ago and 2 days lator  I had to have an Endodonist drain it on an emergency basis because the swelling was already moving up to my eye.  I was told to get the tooth extracted because of my medical condition (Type 1 Diabetic).  After I got it drained my dentist put me on 4,000mg of Amoxicillin a day becasue I had to get rid of the infection and the swelling had to continue to go down before he extracted the tooth.  In my opinion I feel your husband is on proper treatment.  However I'm uncertain about the effects of it being long term and the possibility of blood being in his semen.
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Abscess of dental origin is probably not related to blood in semen.Seeing medical profession is advised.
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I have had an absess for 3 years now I went through all of the pain in the first year and the swelling and now I have really bad pain some times and a really bad smell all of the time also a lot of my fillings ar chipped off and falling out also I am getting a lot o new cavitys I have also lost my appitite what is going to happen if I don't fix it? And what is going on with it
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