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Abscess Infection Bleeding Swelling

I was seen yesterday for a toothache. Then only symptoms I was experiencing were horrible pain and tender to touch on cracked open tooth (which has been this way for a year) An X-Ray was taken and showed a lot of infection. I was prescribed clindamycin. I took my first one, and about 5 hours later my jaw was swollen and pain was intensified. I called the doctor the next day and she switched me to penicillin. I took my first one today. I currently have no pain and I'm only take the antibiotic and 4 ibuprofen every 4 hours.
Getting to the point.... Last night I did a warm saltwater rinse with a whole glass of water because I was in such tremendous pain, after I gently did that, I laid down. I started feeling this hard throbbing like a heart beat in my jaw and then tasted something weird in my mouth, I went to spit it out and it was blood pouring out of the inside of my nerve hole in my tooth. I have no open abscess in my gums, just my mouth. MY QUESTION: I would like to know if this is dangerous to have the blood and puss coming up out of your tooth? Also, would it be okay to do this salt water rinse again today? After I did it yesterday I freaked out when I saw the blood shooting up out of my tooth hole and was afraid I'd die from the infection going into my blood stream. But the pain stopped ever since then and the swelling went down. But I woke back up today with it huge and swollen again minus the pain. What should I do? Saltwater to release more infection or leave it alone? Thanks so much in advance for any responses. I'm so worried about this.
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