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Abscess in cheek after root canal

I have been dealing with an abscess off and on since January...went to the dentist and he said he did a root canal...that took 2 visits.  3 weeks later I started having alot of pain coming from the tooth, so on 3 occasions I went back in and he made a hole in the blue temporary cap to relieve pressure and put me on antibiotics.....I can't get into his office, at this point they say he is back and forth from here and another state.   I have been pput on antibiotics 6 times since the supposed root canal for this and July 5, I woke up to swelling in my cheek.....went to ER for antibiotics because he was not in his office....2 weeks after that infection came back into roof of mouth, took more antibiotics.....the infection is now back in my face since Saturday and is quite painful and at this point I have no definition to the right side of my face anymore, painful to eat, feeling nauseated, etc.  Went to urgent care yesterday to get antibiotics, and am looking for another dentist...Will they be able to pull this tooth with 48 or so hrs on antibiotics and given how much swelling?  I just want the tooth out at this point, has cost me over 2500.00 dollars and here I am sitting here in pain and completely swollen and hurting.  Can you give me some insight as to what could be happening and I am wanting to know about extracting while still swollen since I am on medication, will the infection leak into my bloodstream once the tooth is removed?
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