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Abscess still there after re-do root canal


I have a question about a molar abscess that moved into my cheek.  I developed an abscess in my lower left molar which hurt quite a bit.  It was on a tooth than previously had a root canal performed on it.  I was put on antibiotics, but the abscess moved into my cheek and my face became huge.  My Endo. was unable to drain the abscess because of where it was located (under my cheek muscle), but went ahead and did the re-do root canal anyway after I was on antibiotics for four days.  Presently, he cleaned out the old roots that were missed, but no pus or other type of discharge was cleaned out (I watched the whole thing).  He put "medicine" into the roots and put on a temporary seal.  I am scheduled to go back in 10 days to have the final step performed, where he will permanently seal back up the tooth.

I have a few questions:
1.  When can I expect the facial abscess to resolve?  It is still present, although smaller, after one full course of antibiotics and the root canal.  How will it be able to resolve if the root is re-sealed?

2.  Should the abscess still be causing pain in my lower jaw and teeth?  My front teeth hurt even though the abscess was in my lower molar.  My face also still hurts quite a bit and it is hard for me to talk and move my lower face.

Thank you.
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1)  It may take a few weeks to fully resolve.  The tissue will clear up on its own cause the blood flows in there with your white blood cells to clean the area up.  So whether or not the tooth is open or not isn't as relevant at this point.  

2)  Sometimes pain can jump or move around, in your case, it is called referred pain.  The area is still infected so it may some more time to improve.  
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I'm having a root canal re-do on my bottom right molar, the last one on my left, he started and used this solution that desolves the old root canal I think it called solium?? Anyways he's on stage three, Stage one and two were done two days ago and I went yesterday to get stage three done, but I'm in a lot of pain, so he didn't do anything, he opened it to take dome of the pressure of and Tolkien me to rinse with salt water by the hour and come back in the morning to complete it. Well it's 1:30am it it really hurts so I took a couple of extra strength anvil along with a oxydodoneb pill as it's really hurting, he said he did have to go really deep, to the tips of the threet roots, is this awefull consistence pain I'm having normal??
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I think he was using chloroform?  I'm not sure what the stages are but I'm assuming he opened it up (stage 1) and cleaned them out (stage 2).  I'm guess he'll have to shape the canals as a stage 3.  

You may want to contact your dentist cause he may need to go back in to clean it out some more or figure out why you're still hurting.  I wouldn't say its normal but it does happen on rare occasions where after the initial treatment, the pain is still present or worsens.  
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