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A month ago i started feeling pressure in my top left molars. I always have some pressure there. Years ago, i had my unerupted wisdom teeth pulled where the unprepared dentist was not expecting 2 teeth to be there and while pulling, he broke off a root in my sinuses. He failed to tell me he did this, i guess he hoped i'd never know. It finally did make itself known and i had to go to an oral surgeon to have it removed. Again, its never been 100% pain free since. Skip back to a month ago. I felt the pressure building, assumed it was sinus. Put out an all assault effort on my sinuses and found some relief off and on. Went on a road trip and slowly it got worse and by the time we hit altitude over 4000 ft it got almost unbearable. It almost felt like labor pains of the face. It would come on sudden, and leave sudden. My mouth would feel as though it was on fire all around on that side and on that side of my tongue. We left the high altitude, highest of 10,000 ft. When we got below 4000 i felt some relief. Stopped and got an ice cream and even though i had gotten use to not letting anything cold or hot float over to those teeth, some melted ice cream did drift to that tooth area. Again, my face and mouth was on fire and stayed that way longer. Now, i was afraid to eat and then thought back to the times my mouth hurt and it was every time after i ate. Finally took a ibuprofin and all the swelling went down and pain was gone for a while. Went to the dentist first thing this morning. Even though there was obvious swelling on the roof of my mouth, the xrays showed nothing. How can this be? He went ahead and prescribed me amoxicillin and said to call wednesday to let them know if its better. He mention a air abscess, cracked root, but as swollen as it was, why is it hard to tell what is going on? I'm wondering can there be some sort of opening from that old wisdom tooth extraction site that is causing this and isnt being seen on xrays? I feel like a hypochondriac again. I really expected to see a big ole abscess.. There is nothing wrong with my sinuses. In my life time i've only blown my nose 3 times. I get a stuffy nose occasionally, but i never have any kind of sinus trouble and dont have any now.
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