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Abscessed Tooth after Loose Temp Crowns

I had 9 teeth filed down and prepared for permanant crowns.  In the meantime, the Dentist put temporary crowns on.  It was a unit of 9 crowns (my real teeth underneath).  At first they were ok, but then I started noticing a terrible taste and smell in my mouth.  I would brush my teeth and rinse, but nothing worked.  When I finally went to my Dentist, I told him about my concern.  He smiled and said that it was probably just the cement that had disolved (for lack of a better word) and didn't say anything else.  He made an appointment with me 2 wks later.  So in total, 2 wks had passed by, plus 2 wks till the next appt, making it a total of 1 month that I had this terrible taste in my mouth.  I wasn't that concerned, because the Dentist acted like it was nothing to worry about!

Well...a year later, I now have 2 abscessed teeth.  They are the first two that he had worked on, and they have already had root canals.  They were NOT decayed, nor have they ever bothered me.  Even the Dentist said he didn't see any decay.

I am angry to say the least.  I went to my Dentist and told him that I believe that my teeth are ruined because he left my teeth exposed to bacteria for such a long time.  He said no.  That it is NORMAL that when a tooth is opened (for RT) that bacteria could get in there.  DUH.  But to me, it is NOT NORMAL that a Dentist would leave my teeth exposed for such a long time.  He said that it had nothing to do with this.  To him, it is all normal.  I am worried to death that I will have to have my teeth pulled.  I actually have 4 teeth that are bothering me after the work he has done.  He says he will repair them for free.  Of course he better!  But that is not the point.  I cannot handle his negligence!

I also told him that I did not know of ANY Dentist that would use a unit of 9 teeth (crowns).  That if one tooth went bad, I would have to toss the whole bunch.  He also asked me to ask any Dentist if that were normal or not.  That that was PERFECTLY normal for them!

So I ask any professional here (and please don't stick up for dentists in general) to PLEASE let me know if all of this is normal?  Am I just going crazy or what?  I feel cheated and robbed of the money I spent.

Thanks so much in advance!
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Seeing an endodontist to evaluate abscessed teeth is advised. I do'nt comment on other dentists's practice.
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Dr. Scottma,

Thank you for responding.  I am not asking you to comment on other dentist's practice.  What I am asking you or any other dentist here is,

1.  Is it normal to use a 9 unit (9 teeth) crown?  All my natural teeth are underneath.
2.  Could the lack of cement and the bad taste in my mouth be the cause of my abscessed teeth?  (they were not decayed before crowned, and even dentist agreed)

It will cost me more money to go to an endodontist.  My current dentist is willing to fix the problem for free.

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1. I do'nt do long span brige,( more than 4 units)
2.cement was probably wahed out due to suboptimal occlusion or fittness. Once cement is wahed out, decay happened and microorganism have access to root canal, abscess results from periapical infection.
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I truly appreciate your honesty Dr Scottma.

I have nothing against the Dental profession.  I have always had good results.

I am angry yes, with MY dentist.  I went to him to get my teeth fixed, and ended up having more cavities than what I started out with, DUE TO his neglegence.

I felt very vunerable and indefensive when all my teeth were filed down.  But it was too late.  The damage was done.  I was even too embarassed to go to another dentist seeing that the temp. crowns he put on me were not even the same color.  (which he insisted were)  I looked like a monster!

Honestly, I want my money back so I can go to another Dentist to get them fixed.  I do not trust him anymore.  But he "said" everything is normal.  I wonder what normal is to him?  I already have 4 teeth that he fixed going bad....and one more that is now sensitive to heat, cold and sweets!

Thanks again for answering me.
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