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Abscessed tooth

I have A abscessed tooth for a month now I started taking amoxicillin last week swelling in my jaw gone but I still feel a little pressure on my gum dentist appointment april 11th will I be ok till then
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I think you will be fine since you've had the antibiotic. If you begin to have really severe pain or the swelling returns before your appointment call and let your doctor know and they will probably provide you with more antibiotics to keep the infection under control until you can see the dentist. (although after a full round of them, it usually takes some time for the infection to return) In my experience with them, as long as the antibiotic was doing its job and the swelling subsided, at least i did not have to worry about any more pain until it could be seen to. At home, Ibuprofen has been passably effective for me in controlling minor pain and swelling until you get there. i am not a doctor, so this has just been in my experience. but i think you should be fine. but definitely keep your appointment no matter how much better it seems after finishing off the antibiotics because eventually it will come back. i wish you luck! you'll be ok!
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i am layed off with no inc.i had a ear infection then i had the muckis cold now i have a tooth hearting in the post the cap is broken .now my check is swelling i have fever and now i starting to throw up food .not sure where to get help without inc.help plano tx
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