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Absessed tooth, and cheek.

I have an absessed with a swollen cheek, because I get state medicaid and medicare I am unable to call a dentist until November 26, to make an appointment to see a dentist in December.

I am on pain medications, but I am worried that time maybe of the essence.

How long can this go before it because a serious life situation?
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Hi there,
A clinical examination is very important before giving an opinion regarding the spread of the abdcess.You might be suffering from dental caries .Bacteria can  extend into the gums, the cheek, the throat, beneath the tongue, or even into the jaw or facial bones. A dental abscess can become very painful due to the pressure within the abscess or when tissues become inflamed. If you have a gum or gingival abscess it can occur due to any infection or trauma to the surface of the gum tissue. You will need adequate coverage of antibiotics along with anti inflammatory medications otherwise the abscess can spread through the facial spaces in head and to wherever there is space to grow.  It is better to get it seen at the earliest. I hope it helps.
Best luck and kind regards!
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