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Adding sealant over broken fissure sealant?


about a year ago, i had fissure sealants placed after the dentist told me i have deep fissures. over time, they broke and i didnt know that it was important to have them replaced or fixed immediately. so they were in my mouth and broken for a while (about a year?). i went to the dentist a couple of months ago suspecting a little cavity next to the sealant and he said it was very minor, took it out, filled it, and continued to add fissure sealants to all my molars. i believe he didnt even check under the old ones, didnt remove them, just placed more sealant over them. one of the new sealants broke a day after he placed it, and again i didnt know that i had to replace it so i left it. a couple of months later i did some research and realized that leaving it broken can cause decay. so i poked at one that was almost fully chipped off to try and remove it, it fell out, and i found a hole under it.

for the sealants that are in tact now that were placed over the old sealants, could those have decay under them too? should i remove the fissure sealants? is that even possible without damaging the tooth?

if someone could please give me an answer i would very much appreciate it, i do not want to have to deal with advanced decay later on because of this

thank you!
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