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Advair use and wisdom teeth extraction

I had two wisdom teeth extracted two days ago (total bony impactions) and I am aware of the risk of dry socket--my dentist advised against doing anything that may dislodge the clots that are supposed to form in the extraction sites. I have been cautious about creating any sort of quick, drastic, pressure change in my mouth but now, I wonder about the use of my Advair diskus. I take Advair on a regular basis for asthma and have refrained from using it in the 24 hours post-extraction because I figured the quick inhalation may dislodge the clots. Now, however, it has been two days post-extraction, and I wonder whether it is safe to use Advair without risk of dislodging the clots. I am also taking oral contraceptives (I have been informed that this medication may increase the risk for clotting problems). I am feeling more respiratory congestion with each additional day off Advair and would like to know if it's safe to use Advair so soon after wisdom teeth extraction. Thanks!
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I don't see any problem with using the Advair.  As always, be careful with how you use it but inhaling Advair should not be a problem after the first 24-48 hours.  Also, when we mention to be careful when spitting or sucking through a straw, I believe that generates more pressure in the oral cavity than the use of Advair.  I haven't personally used it but it doesn't seem to be as intense.  
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Thanks again Dr. Tsang.
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