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Advice on teeth problem

Hi, i would like some advice on my situation.. Im 17 now, most of my baby teeth fell out a bit late (at the age of 9-11),
my top front 6 teeth are my problem.. my upper left and right central teeth have got a gap and the are also not straight they are bucked. my upper left and right lateral teeth didnt come out till the age of 13 even though they had fallen out at the age of 8 or 9 ... these teeth are also gapped from the central teeth... these teeth are also bucked and they are not like other teeth they are more like small fangs not really sharp though. and finally the upper left and right cuspids ..... the right cuspid came out pretty late too (i mean the baby tooth) but no permanent tooth has taken its position still and the left cuspid which had become loose at the time the right one was falling somehow stopped becoming loose and it became fixed again and still is...
Please advise me on what this situation is whether these problems are inter related and what i should do to get them fixed
THANK YOU ! :)  
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I would recommend seeing an orthodontist to verify there's an adult cuspid underneath the baby cuspids.  An orthodontist would be able to identify the malocclusion and misposition of your teeth and recommend a course a treatment.  Also a checkup with a dentist is advised to check for cavities and any other potential issues.
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