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Allergy to composite resin

Has anyone ever experienced a systemic allergy to composite fillings?  Since I had all my mercury fillings removed (by a qualified specialist) and only when I started refilling the teeth with composite resins did I begin to experience itching (a feeling coming from the inside, out).  I had temporary fillings before the permanent ones and those were fine.  When I first had the composite fillings applied, I experienced some sensitivity in certain teeth which my dentist redid and used a protective layer before refilling the teeth.  For about 3 months now I've had to take an antihistamine tablet every other day because the itching keeps returning.  I have ruled out food, chemical and environmental allergies and have been told by a gynecologist that this type of allergy is not due to hormones.  I've asked my dentist if there is any test I can do but he doesn't know of any and I am considering consulting an allergist but I would like to know if anyone out there has ever experienced this and what you've done.

The allergy could be from another source but it seems too coincidental that the itching first appeared after placing the composite resin fillings.

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I may have the same thing. I lost my career, nearly my life from amalgams in the early 80s, then my wife/daughter followed in the early 90s. In the midst of communities filled with drugs, alcohol and zero effective medical diagnosis, it didn't all connect until 2005, by then I had to leave the country to recover. BUT, recently had 15 composites to fix these and other problems. Am now suddenly fighting severe irritation in the sinuses that his shifted to just inside the lips as the toxins migrate that way. The MDs would say I have delusionary parasitosis, which I would agree with if the parasites were men wearing stethoscopes. I thought maybe the jasmine tea, too. I've quit the tea for now. We'll see...
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There are also serious problems claimed to owed to BPA ceramics. I tried to ensure that I did NOT get the BPA kind, but you're in a hurry, there aren't many more places left to try, and the dentist just stares at you like you're from Mars. So, I may be reacting to BPA, I don't know. Or, it could be the jasmine tea. I know very well that the star anise in the tea was causing me a severe allergy, but I was also certain it had cleared up a candida infection in my sinus until I had to quit. Since then, I've continued to sip on the jasmine tea, but the irritation in my lip isn't much better since dropping the anise, can't tell if the toxic buildup is from the tea or what. Next is to stop the tea altogether. But what if it turns out to be the composite fillings? Life can get really weird. I wouldn't have required the avalanche of new fillings last year if I hadn't gotten into an Oreo cookie habit. Well, I learned a lesson about Oreos, but a little too late..
Mine is white resin reaction.  Going crazy also.  Tea is good,   Aloe vera plant helps lips, mucosa in mouth
I've had chronic migraines & anxiety disorder for 10 years or so. Tried everything to get rid of them to no avail. Recently, I discovered there are different materials used in composite resin feelings and many use BPA or a derivative of it that can turn back into BPA on contact with saliva. If you think that may be what's causing your issues find a holistic/biological dentist and/or a functional medicine doctor who could help you. The holistic/biological dentist would be able to find a nontoxic BPA mercury free composite filling material to use. **Be sure they practice safe filling removal to get rid of the previous fillings. Also, working with a functional medicine doctor would be helpful as they look for the root cause(s) of what's going on to actually help you get well instead of keeping you sick.

That's what I'm doing now as I still think the composite resin fillings I have contain BPA and are what's causing my migraines and anxiety. It's the only thing left I haven't explored/tried/been tested for and it fits the timeline of when my migraines/anxiety disorder started.

Hope and pray you find answers and a health professional willing to listen and work with you. That can be an uphill battle in and of itself sometimes. Best wishes.
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Not related to my problem, but I have an idea. I'd love to have titanium implants if they were affordable, never thought there could be a reaction to those. I think the other guy who said that wasn't the problem may have been right, but I don't know. Terrible problem, but it reminds me of a Herpes infection. I have had them sometimes in my mouth, cured them quickly by using mild application of Camphophenique. But to have it spread like that, wow, terrible. However, I have had a variety of skin fungal infections and severe sinus irritation that the MDs have turned their backs on, preferring to call me crazy. Well, for the last 40 years I've had good luck treating these with a variety of antifungal / antibacterial creams, meaning I'd have been eaten alive without them. I could give you a list, but kind of busy right now. Google for that subject, you can find a lot of them. Try a few different ones, alternate between one and another until you find something that works. I believe you will.
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I had a severe reaction to temporary caps and now permanent caps and experienced all the things you describe, ending in a trip to the ED with anaphylactic syndrome, swelling throat, wet breathing, and near drowning in my own fluids. It's been 6 months and I still have sores in my mouth and particularly painful, over the front new caps. I was tested by an allergist but had prednisone (steroid) treatment to prevent uh...death... and once I stopped the steroids, I had a reaction on my back to the allergy patch tests that were removed 3 days prior-- the Double-component Epoxy Resin patch reacted with a huge blister and redness, inflamed and angry.

Just as you described, the dentist knows nothing, sees nothing, says nothing (love her, she was great otherwise.) The companies will not release the ingredients due to patents. I'm a nurse with a Master's and an educator so like you, I have read everything, researched, with limited results, and been baffled. THe allergist said the symptoms would go away once everything was cured and dry; yet here I sit, chancres in my mouth that are extremely painful, eyes swell shut, water. When I say swell shut, I"m not kidding, the top of the eye blisters and turns red and the entire upper lid swells over my eyes. This all occurs only over the front caps recently replaced. I have many, many caps in my mouth that have never reacted and aren't reacting at this time as far as I can figure.

It's baffling, frustrating, and I am so sick of every one suggesting it's everything from pollen to ????

Fess up dental people-- what cheap ingredients did you use to make these new teeth that we are all reacting too? I'm sure this will be more common and an issue in the future and now seeing it often on the internet. Some are accused of hypochondria and misdiagnosed with chronic fatigues and psoriasis and it's just a crock. Very expensive! I still owe $12,000 on my caps and don't know what to do!
It is also effecting my eye's and skin.  Our systems are rejecting it.  
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Is it possible that an allergic reaction can only be an itching feeling that feels like its coming from inside the tooth? I have no other symptoms (skin or gum reaction) and I had assumed that getting a filling placed had aggravated the nerve and itching was just a side effect of the nerve death. The possibility that it could be an allergic reaction has me wondering. I'll take an antihistamine to see if it works.

Having an itch you cannot scratch is very annoying.
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Two months ago, I had two large mercury amalgam fillings removed and replaced with tooth-colored composite resin.  I really don't know why this was necessary, but there is a new dentist at my normal place, and this was the first time he'd examined me, and it was his recommendation that the old fillings be replaced due to wear or something.  At any rate, I trust my dentist, and it wasn't this new guy who'd be doing the work, so I agreed and proceeded with the new fillings.

Starting about 24 hours after this work was done, I started to have a weird taste in my mouth.  At first, it was VERY metallic tasting.  The dentist told me that this was due to the drilling of the old fillings and that it would go away in a day or two, no more than a week.  After a week, it was worse, and it had started to burn my mouth at times.  The best way to describe the sensation is that my mouth tastes sort of like that taste you get if you touch the tip of your tongue to a 9-volt battery.  It's like battery acid.  I went back to the dentist again, and he gave me a bottle of Perioguard and asked me to just swab my tongue with it regularly.  I did that, but it was making no difference.

Meanwhile, I happened to see my family doctor later that week, and asked him about it.  I had noticed that my tongue was swollen and not really fitting in between my teeth anymore, and it now has bite marks around the outside edges of it where it's pressing constantly against the insides of my teeth.  In addition, my cheeks are swollen on the insides at the spot of each filling.  My family doctor prescribed me a round of steroids, thinking there may be some kind of trauma to my tongue as a result of one of the novacaine shots going through my tongue during the original procedure.  Those steroids did nothing.

Meanwhile, I talked to a friend (as you can tell I was beginning to lose faith in my dentist) who is a nurse and she had me send her some pictures.  She has a good friend who is a pediatric oral surgeon.  He told her that he believes that my dentist injected novacaine directly into my mandibular joint and may have damaged something.  This seemed quite possible, since the last shot on each side had gone "into the buckle" and hurt like crazy.  He said that I should see an oral surgeon about it.  

I tried to make an appointment with several oral surgeons, and was told by two of them that I needed to see a neurologist.  I called my family doctor back and told him what was going on, and he told me to come back in and not to worry - that he has seen this before.  He calls it burning mouth syndrome.  However, it's too coincidental to me that I suddenly develop a case of this burning mouth syndrome at the same time I had this dental work done, and it's obvious if you look at my mouth and tongue that the fillings are causing me a problem.

I'm concerned that I am having a severe allergy to the composite material they used for these fillings.  I think I had a filling done once before in this material, but it was a very small one.  These are both rather large.  However, I don't have the sinus problems that some on this page are complaining about.  In the pictures I sent my friend, though, the back of my throat was very red, obviously irritated by something.

My mouth is always extremely dry and foods don't taste normal anymore, in addition to the swollen tongue and cheeks.

Hi, need to inquire if you had gotten help with this problem, pls let me know as I believe I am experiencing the same.
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