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Am I being properly treated for an abscess? I'm scared that it might be serious

It all started on Monday when I started getting headaches and feeling dizzy. At the same time, I noticed the gum around my top left wisdom tooth started to swell. It hurt a bit, but not much. It kept swelling and I felt a bad taste coming from there, so on Wednesday I go see a dentist.

I arrive at the office, get an x-ray, dentist looks at my tooth and says I have an abscess and it seemed to have been there for quite some time already. She proceeds do drain it, sends me home on antibiotics and ibuprofen, and tells me to come back on Friday to extract the tooth. My headache only got worse, and I felt pain from behind my nose and eye all the way back to the neck, all on the left side. It "stings" when I inhale deeply, so I imagined it's the sinus cavities. Neither the gum nor the tooth themselves hurt.

Friday I tell my dentist about my symptoms and she says it's normal. She proceeds to extract my tooth and seems to be having a hard time. I also spent nearly 10 minutes getting stitched afterwards (I never extracted a tooth before so I'm not sure if this is normal).

After the extraction, dentist says it was quite worse than she expected: the bone surrounding the wisdom tooth was fractured and it was the cause of the abscess. She even asked me if I got punched there (no). Dentist said she usually takes around 3 minutes to get that tooth out and for me it took nearly 15 minutes. She then said the infection was starting to spread to my ear and other parts of the head, and that's why I felt these headaches, and that with the tooth out I should see some relief.

She put me on a lot of medication: ibuprofen, amoxicylin, deflazocort (am I even supposed to be taking this with an infection?) and anti-hystaminics to "avoid that I get a cold and sneeze, because the stitches are rather fragile and could break from sneezing". She tells me to go back there next week and that if anything happens to go see her immediately, that she'll see me even if she has other appointments. I get a bit scared by all this information, but she assures me I don't need to.

I tell my family about what happened and my mom and grandfather get suspicious. Mom asks me how did she saw the fracture on the bone. I said probably through the x-ray, but she didn't really tell me anything about it on the first appointment. Grandfather says straight away that she fractured the bone while trying to pull the tooth and came up with that excuse. I dismissed that as silly, but to be honest it's still nagging me.

I would imagine that an infection starting on the bone and spreading to other areas of the head would be serious matter and perhaps that I would be sent to ER, but she seemed confident in the treatment she put me on. I also find it weird how I suddenly have a fractured bone causing an abscess. She told me it could be an old fracture and that only now the infection started to show itself, but still... And then I'm taking glucocorticoids, which supress the immune system, when there's an infection beginning to spread.

It's been almost two days since the extraction. I still feel unwell, headaches, pain inside the head all the way to the neck. Gum and jaw were aching after the extraction, but not anymore.

What do you make of my case? I'm worried that I may not be getting the best treatment and could be endangering my health. Sorry for the long post but this is seriously concerning me.
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